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Forum Post: Is OWS An Imaginal Cell For the WORLD?

Posted 7 years ago on April 8, 2012, 8:10 p.m. EST by dealdoctor (148)
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Today is Easter and the butterfly has always been a symbol of New Life. The caterpillar goes through a process called metamorphosis which is an incredible symbol of hope. The key to the great change is the "imaginal cells" within the caterpillar that lay deep in the heart of the old entombed caterpillar. They spring to life and create the butterfly. Imaginal cells are in the caterpillar but they are not of the caterpillar they are all about butterfly. . Do you believe that deep in the core of you "Something Unusual" is at work to transform your life when things seem hopeless? Ask yourself "Are there "imaginal cells" long dormant in the world now bringing new life worldwide?" Is this a time of Spring for the whole world not just the Arab world? The people who love people more than money and things are the world's imaginal cells. Love transforms everything and makes all things new. Love is the imaginal cell within you and those who love as a group are the imaginal cells that will transform this world. Love values people more than things! Love transforms death into new life at every level from the individual to the world as a whole. God is Love and Love is God. Embrace that and things will begin to transform in and around you! Love transforms. Imagine that! Read about imaginal cells below and then watch the video to see what they can do. Love within people changes them. People who love change the world around them. Let's FLY!





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