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Forum Post: Is Jamie Dimon a hero or the Biggest Thief from Wall Street?

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 2, 2011, 5:51 p.m. EST by conscientioushonest (0)
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Wall Street's most dishonest businessman, the biggest thief Jamie Dimon now becomes a “hero” of world financial crisis, because everybody lost in 2008 financial crisis except him. How did Dimon get rich in the crisis? He got rich through his personal relation at the expense of WaMu shareholders. With the collusion of Ms. Bair, Mr. Dimon stole WaMu’s 307 billion asset and 2239 profitable branches virtually for free. Later Mr. Dimon stole another $29 billion from American taxpayers by claiming tax credit on behalf of WaMu’s loss. American middle class shareholders were totally wiped out and got nothing.

Below is Dimon’s confession. http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/ONE/220162815x0x283417/92060ed3-3393-43a5-a3c1-178390c6eac5/2008_AR_Letter_to_shareholders.pdf Dimon confessed in his annual report to shareholders that he was the only bank prepared to act immediately (within a couple of hours because he was the only one who could get inside information from Ms. Bair. He pretended to be a buyer of WaMu in public, while getting information from Ms. Bair everyday behind the curtain. It was a premeditated conspiracy, only Bair – Dimon knew when to pull the trigger). Dimon confessed that he acquired WaMu’s 2,200 branches, $240 billion of assets, $160 billion in deposits and $38 billion in equity for merely $1.9 billion (a penny on the dollar). This great deal was accretive to earnings $2 billion immediately and later claimed another $29 billion tax credit from U.S. government and American taxpayers. Even if home prices go down another 20%, he thinks the transaction will remain a very profitable great deal.

What is a hero? A hero is someone who sacrifices himself to save others or risks himself to speak out for others. Dimon was the only winner in 2008 world financial crisis because he was a thief who knew how to bribe the government officials to help him to steal from millions of American middle class who invested at WaMu. If we have more people like Dimon, our nation will become a corruptor zoo. "For what if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul?" Mark 8:36

Unfortunately, over the past three years media did not have power to touch this conspiracy because We the People, the victims are so unimportant. The elected Senators and Congressmen all keep silent and did not wants to touch these powerful influential persons involved because of personal interests.
The government and the Congress did not investigate the “rape-artist”, Dimon and Bair, but instead investigated the “rape victim”, WaMu, why wearing short skirt and bikini. The Wall Street thief, Mr. Dimon still frequently goes to the White House as a distinguished guest and financial Crisis hero.

For three years, the voice of We the People, American middle class were too weak to be heard. Now it is the time for the voice of American Middle Class to be heard. The fraud and misconduct of the culprits of world financial crisis, Ms. Bair and the conspiracy and collusion between Mr. Dimon and Ms. Bair to wipe out WaMu shareholders should be investigated. American Middle Class - WaMu victims should be compensated by Wall Street grand thief JP Morgan Mr. Dimon.

We the people, American Middle Class, WaMu shareholder victims



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