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Forum Post: Is it just me or...

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 21, 2011, 7:37 p.m. EST by kazoo55 (195) from Rijs, FR
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The whole world seems to be changing all over sudden. Everyone seems to be noticing this sensation of change - men, women, aplha, beta and what do you have - all alike. Paradigm shift, new visions of the future, awareness that something BIG and GOOD is coming. Total change. Somehow the word 'ascension' is in the air. I feel excited inside, as if someone told me the most beautiful piece of good news in the world, ever...

They can't keep up their delusion of separation and fear and debt much longer. They're being overtaken. By history. By us, the peoples of this planet.

Or is it just me? Nah... :)

Come what may come, you Occupiers in New York are terrific. Trust your feeling, everything is going to be all right... The change is coming...

Bless you all - Paul (Netherlands)



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[-] 1 points by HeardofEconomics (59) from Chicago, IL 11 years ago

From the outside it looks like a bunch of people with no set agenda and no set solutions....just bitch bitch bitch bitch...but yet no one trying to actually themselves make a difference...how bout starting a company, how bout running for politics, how bout community service.....nope they just want to bitch....well done....well done...

[-] 1 points by kazoo55 (195) from Rijs, FR 11 years ago

Apparently there really must be a whole lot to bitch about then, if they can keep it up for so long, and you guys not really being very nice to them.

What do you think it is that bothers these people so much that they choose to live on the streets of NYC for a MONTH? Or is there a certain percentage of the US population who likes nothing more than bitching? And that they're now together for their first extended official bitching clinic? It must be heaven on earth for them.

I mean - think... Do some effort, at least.