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Forum Post: IRS sent my Tax papers back?

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 25, 2012, 3:02 p.m. EST by TedIV (40)
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The IRS sent my Tax Forms back! AGAIN!!! I guess it was because of my response to the question : "List all dependents?" I replied -"12 million illegal immigrants; "3 million crack heads; "42 million unemployable people on food stamps, "2 million people in over 243 prisons; "Half of Mexico; and 535 fools in the U.S. House and Senate." Apparently, this was NOT an acceptable answer?



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[-] 2 points by iwantfreemoneynow (58) 6 years ago

I think you had the number of illegal immigrants wrong, it's hard to fool the IRS!

[-] 1 points by TedIV (40) 6 years ago


[-] 1 points by freewriterguy (882) 6 years ago

LMAO!!! Too funny.