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Forum Post: Iowa Coffee House Owner Toss a Group of Occupiers Out of Her Shop

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 31, 2011, 11:29 a.m. EST by Carlitini99 (-167)
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Iowa Coffee House Owner Toss a Group of Occupiers Out of Her Shop. The counter revolution has begun. The real 99% kick out the fake 99%.



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[-] 1 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 10 years ago

Your filibusters are a big part of what made this forum devolve into incoherent babble.

[-] 2 points by bensdad (8977) 10 years ago

Rand Paul agrees - a business can discriminate against anyone. The occupiers were disrupting her business how?

[-] 1 points by iRevolution (54) from Fayetteville, NC 10 years ago

I'm a supporter, and I wouldn't want us in my shop if I owned a store either. Not if we were disturbing business....

[-] 1 points by pinker3 (56) 10 years ago

I defended an OWSers right to burn a flag and now I defend a shop owner's right to kick people out of her shop. Free country, baby!

[-] 1 points by Dutchess (499) 10 years ago

Divide and Conquer is working.............AGAIN!

[-] 1 points by CatLady2 (248) from New York, NY 10 years ago

Actions like this are pointless. Nothing gets accomplished other than frustration , on both sides. The owner of the coffee shop had every right to toss them out. Creating a ruckus in her shop disrupts business , very simple concept. The real reason for the " occupation" was the fact that Gingrich was holding a press conference and the media was there.
Protesting candidates is one thing, doing it on private property is another issue. This isn't the way to attract mainstream America,or the 99% as you claim to rep, and if any of these ideas are to come to realization, you are going to need the support of mainstream Americans.
Right now all Im seeing and hearing is alot of anger.

[-] 0 points by Perspective (-243) 10 years ago



[-] -1 points by Kickinthenuts (212) 10 years ago

What a great story. OWS claims to represent the interests of 99% of something. Yet they demand to tread on the rights of others. They claim to want small business to succeed and redistribute wealth, yet they disrupt small business.

Let the real 99% stand up. We need more brave people like the owner of Java Joes in Des Moines!