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Forum Post: Intitiation as Key rite of passage to Adulthood & Sustainable Practice

Posted 4 years ago on June 16, 2013, 10:32 p.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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History Repeats itself.

We don't know that much about older Civilizations such as Sumer, Babylon & Egypt. Michael Hudson says that often Civiliazations would forgive Debt as a way to clear the books. And this was easier when the debt was held in public institutions like the kingship. Rome refused to do this when public debt was held by private individuals. This led to the wars with Greece and Persia.

Well, maybe primitive societies were more advanced as far as financial obligations and banking goes.

And along these lines I want to submit the idea that Initiations of young adults and men and women... could be used to instill ideas of Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Self Determination, Self Actualization, freedom of Speech, freedom of Religion, and civil rights.

Maybe we can initiate our kids to:

A) Protect Animals lives, Ecology, and protection of the environment

B) Conservative Business Practices, Conservative Accounting, Conservative Tax Plans for businesses, Conservative Lobbying, Conservative Ratings Agencies and their acceptance of money from those they rate....

C) Conservative practices for Pensions & Retirement Funds

D)Conservative Practices for Universities, Municipalities, & States regarding Trust Funds & the kind of investments of Trust Funds.

E) Limit or eliminate Private Banking, Ensure that all derivatives come under Regulations, Auditing, and Review.

F) Limit Executive compensation and link a Federal Tax for Education and Job Training to CEO & Executive compensation so that as compensations rises, a fee is placed on corporations or or organizations targeting Executive salary... to create a fund, a federal Trust fund, that provides grants to individuals for education, technical or other jobs skills.

G) Initiate into the world of "Service" and "Contribution to charities".

H) the most important is to teach values for honesty for those that may end up in teaching health care, dental care, education, universities, farming, fish farming, financial management, and in banking, taxes, accounting, lobbying, and "Rent Seeking".

More later.....



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