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Forum Post: International Banker: "The Western Banking System is Being Intentionally Burned to the Ground"

Posted 8 years ago on July 8, 2012, 3:04 p.m. EST by Noncompliance (11)
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International Banker: The Western Banking System is Being Intentionally Burned to the Ground—

The international banker who warned Steve Quayle 3 weeks ago that the Euro has collapsed unofficially has released another RED ALERT, stating that the Western banking system is being intentionally burned to the ground by the elite.

The source states that the the recent ‘hacking’ of 60 Western banks, JPM’s CIO losses (which he states are actually $150 billion), and the LIBOR manipulation scandal are all symptoms of the entire banking system being flushed out and totally burned to the ground by insiders before it collapses on its own weight.

From Steve Quayle:

It has begun- the unofficial collapse of the Euro that I have announced back in late June has started to run into the massive canyon like fissures of the financial world.

As web site after web site and expert after expert talk endlessly about the failing frame work of the whole western financial system; they over look one main point. That point is this; when a patient is brain dead, you may debate that there is still blood coursing through their veins, that their heart still beats, that there is still a modicum of respiration still occurring. The fact remains though the vestigial systems of the organism works, it’s main source of control that dictates every one of its voluntary mechanical operation IS DEAD. So it is with Western Banking. There are still “signs” of life, the ATMs work (for most anyway) online transactions are for the most part operational (again for most) but the arguments of liquidity and solvency rage because of the simple lack of omission that the very needed rudi- ments of the financial system, it’s modus operandi, it’ s organized brain of safeguards and cognition has ceased functioning.

The Unofficial Euro collapse has hastened the hemorr- haging of various sectors around the financial world. Lets start with a few shall we.

-Derivatives- I have documented that the real loss of JPM’s previous London trade debacle is not the pur- ported initial $2billion or the now admitted $9 billion but $150 billion total loss. This coming from a Zombie Bank that receives 77% of its profits from the govern- ment trough. The IR Swaps that are played in this field is astronomical and is accounting for more than 85% of all derivative trades. So what does this mean? I stated many times, when people have asked me, “what is THE SIGN of a financial collapse?” I have always said that it will begin in the derivative market first. After all we have an unsustainable world wide derivative debt that is in the Quadrillions. $1.4 Quadrillion by most estimates. What does this mean and how will it play out?

-Hacking- The supposed “hacking” that is occurring in over 60 banks at the same time is nothing more than those with the funds moving their assets out. It is a smoke screen, a diversion, a silent stealth bank run by the elites. Why all of a sudden there is total media black out? The funds that have been taken have crossed in to the billions of dollars. The total stealth bank runs are closer to 200 banks.

-LIBOR- All over the news you hear the mother of all scandals, the fact that all the major multinational banks have been rigging the interest rate system and keeping it artificially low. Which robs you of your dividends and annihilates your savings but profiteers the banksters in their risky gamble with your money. They profit and you are left holding the bag. The banks involved in this LIBOR mess total 200 about the same that just so happen to be the same banks that are all of a sudden being “hacked” and are having “glitches”. This LIBOR scandal puts into risk an $800 trillion market made up of savings, investments, mortgages, loans and retire- ment accounts. Taking a sledgehammer to the confid- ence of the whole entire global market and western backed banking system. I laugh at these pundits who talk about the LIBOR. You see my friends there is no oversight over LIBOR,it’s just a bunch of crooks decid- ing what they will charge for lending amongst them- selves and how they can profit off of you. LIBOR was invented to be MANIPULATED the very design of this screams so. You have to wonder why now all of a sudden LIBOR is an issue? Read on.

So what does it all mean? Simple really my friends. The whole entire western banking system is being flushed out, the whole house is being purposely burned to the ground in order to make way for the new. If you are still in paper you are a madman or woman. Pull your money out now while you still have time. I will make it as clear for you as possible, your wealth, your way of life and your posterity’s future is being PURGED, FLUSHED, BURNED OUT. The order of things are about to change officially. Watch the dollar, get out of paper, get into metals. You have been warned….Again.




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[-] 4 points by shadz66 (19985) 8 years ago

The Entire 'Ponzi' Pyramid Scheme of Debt Based 'Fiat' Money is about to implode is the clear story from reading this and 'Das Kapital' will be required reading all over The Known Galaxy, which of course it already is !!!

Pretty soon 'Narco-Money' will be the only substantial transferable liquid funds in 'the system' and when Big Time Drug Lords start getting explicitly ripped off by The Banksters ... well, shall we say that wholesale 'sleeping with the fishes' will probably ensue as 'Cash & Violence' are the sole currency in that world. Debts will be settled with 'extreme prejudice' and the rest of us will wonder how we got to where we are !!

The Global 99% had better get to Educating ; Agitating &/or Organising as we get ready to gather up the pieces !

Good Forum Post and of course 'Silver/Gold Bugs' have 'skin in the game' and stand to gain but that seems to be where we are at and 'Metal Heads' will 'profit' but what is 'profit' really anyway these days ?

'United' we are Stronger ; 'Divided' we're FukT & ripe to be enslaved anew !! To live as 'free people' with responsibilities to each other and to This Good Earth - our beautiful, fragile, shared and only home ... or as wage slaves in generational indentured debt-bondage ... hang on ain't that where we're at now ?

We seem to "have nothing to lose but our chains" ... hmmmm .. lol .

quad erat demonstrandum ...

respice, adspice, prosice ...

per aspera ad astra ..

fiat lux .


[-] 2 points by Noncompliance (11) 8 years ago

Thanx, L ;-)

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 8 years ago

LIBOR : The Crime of the Century !!!

by Robert Scheer [& to accompany the above 'forum-post' & link].

(July 7) -- Forget Bernie Madoff and Enron’s Ken Lay—they were mere amateurs in financial crime. The current Libor interest rate scandal, involving hundreds of trillions in international derivatives trade, shows how the really big boys play. And these guys will most likely not do the time because their kind rewrites the law before committing the crime.

Modern international bankers form a class of thieves the likes of which the world has never before seen. Or, indeed, imagined. The scandal over Libor—short for London interbank offered rate—has resulted in a huge fine for Barclays Bank and threatens to ensnare some of the world’s top financers. It reveals that behind the world’s financial edifice lies a reeking cesspool of unprecedented corruption. The modern-day robber barons pillage with a destructive abandon totally unfettered by law or conscience and on a scale that is almost impossible to comprehend.

How to explain a $450 million settlement for one bank whose defense, in a plea bargain worked out with regulators in London and Washington, is that every institution in their elite financial circle was doing it? Not just Barclays but JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and others are now being investigated on suspicion of manipulating the Libor rate, so critical to a $700 trillion derivatives market.

Caught as the proverbial deer in the headlights, Barclays Chairman Robert E. Diamond Jr. resigned this week and offered a plaintive defense to the British Parliament that he learned only recently that his bank was manipulating the index on which so large a part of international trade is based. That is plausible only if we assume he was paid $10 million a year to be deliberately ignorant. The Wall Street Journal had exposed this scandal fully four years ago but his bank continued to participate in it nonetheless.

“Study Casts Doubt on Key Rate” was the headline on the May 29, 2008, investigative report, which concluded: “Major banks are contributing to the erratic behavior of a crucial global lending benchmark, a Wall Street Journal analysis shows.” Even then, according to the report, it was known that the Libor rate was being manipulated “to act as if the banking system was doing better than it was at critical junctures in the financial crisis.”

Fast-forward four years to Diamond’s testimony before Parliament this week in which the CEO claimed his recent discovery of a pattern of interest manipulation by Barclays had made him “physically sick.” Who was to blame? According to the executive, subordinates acting behind his back.

The American-born banker, who has dual citizenship in the United States and Britain, is well versed in financial chicanery, having started by putting together derivatives packages at Credit Suisse First Boston back in 1996. He was compelled under parliamentary questioning Wednesday to admit that “I can’t sit here and say no one in the industry [knew] about the problems with Libor. There was an issue out there and it should have been dealt with more broadly.”

He couldn’t deny widespread chicanery within his bank because, as in the collapse of Enron a decade ago, investigators had uncovered an email record of market manipulation so glaring that if the top executives were unaware, it was because they didn’t want to know.

As The New York Times editorialized: “The evidence, cited by the Justice Department—which Barclays agreed is ‘true and accurate’—is damning. ‘Always happy to help,’ one employee wrote in an email after being asked to submit false information. ‘If you know how to keep a secret, I’ll bring you in on it,’ wrote a Barclays trader to a trader at another bank, referring to their strategies for mutual gain. If that’s not conspiracy and price-fixing, what is?”

{This story originally appeared at Truthdig. Robert Scheer is the author of The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street (Nation Books)}.


radix omnium malorum est cupiditas ...

[-] 1 points by MoshehThezion (98) 8 years ago

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