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Forum Post: international advice

Posted 12 years ago on Aug. 6, 2011, 5:37 a.m. EST by tawoos (0) from Santa Maria, CA
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egyptians, i was told in the street, learned some ad hoc ways of dealing with the police (onions, vinegar for tear gas) from tunisians via facebook. i think its a good idea to work together, on these subjects and beyond them, with our brothers in egypt and elsewhere. i'm going to post this on fb and hopefully we can get some collaboration going - our protest on wall st is in a way hitting at the heart of the global system which is responsible for so much suffering across the world, and we are all in this together.



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[-] 2 points by outrider420 (4) from Fremont, CA 12 years ago

YES! America's young people have been raised on pablum and have no thinking skills, they are not stirred to action, whereas, I'm looking forward to finally confronting these cocksuckers---and I haven't had a whiff of tear gas in a long time.

[-] 1 points by nemenja (8) from Seattle, WA 12 years ago

You can rest assured that this information will be available. You have to be mindful that for some people this isn't their first dance. I'll put up something in the next day or two, as I was actually just thinking this.

That said, if we really intend to occupy wall street for any period of time, we have to expect it to get battle of seattle level nasty or worse. It's gonna suck because it's gonna hot hot hot, and you're gonna wanna worry about things like rubber bullets (I had a friend years ago who had his hand shot through by one in Quebec city).

Truthfully, the way to deal with it is to organize some people into security forces, the black-blocs will have some experience here-- but really, expect things like people getting 'unarrested' and a nasty ordeal everywhere. If any number of people show up, it's gonna be an occupation by force.