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Forum Post: Inspector Ends The Hunger Strike!

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 4, 2013, 9:32 p.m. EST by TheStarvingCrusader (25) from Killingly, CT
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As of day 38 I ended the hunger strike against two governors to fight corruption involving corporate contractors and transportation workers. I am still asking for access to lie detection technology, but the governemnt does not seem interested. Their are currently an investigation in each state (CT/MASS) but the investigation are being done to say there is an investigation. The AGs office will proclaim it an ongoing investigation and decline to site any details. In 2 years they will again refer to it as an ongoing investigation and refuse to comment. The same if you ask in ten years. This is how the government kills corruption investigation. They simply proclaim an investigation until there is no interest in that investigation, then there is no need for an investigation in the first place. I will say one more time.... we will spend billions on our infrastructure and if we do not see reform to give inspectors the power to stand down corrupt government workers and corrupt contractors, the money will be spent and nothing will be accomplished. This should be an issue that bothers both liberals and conservatives.......the question is does it bother them?



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