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Forum Post: Individual Legal Rights in Australia

Posted 10 years ago on Jan. 25, 2012, 11:47 p.m. EST by wiseowl1973 (0)
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This is a very important article, just as I have suspected the New World Order is significantly stripping people of their democratic rights, regarding free speech, the right to vote in a fair ballot, the right to remain silent if he/she is unfortunately arrested by the authorities and if he/she is on trial or falsely accused in a court of law; with no right of legal appeal involving a fair trial by a civilian jury / judge with decent legal representation regarding the individuals right of legal defence. I am from Ipswich (Queensland - Australia), and the John Howard Liberal / National Government passed legislation both in the upper & lower house of Federal Parliament an 'Anti-Terrorist Homeland Security Act' the following year after the 9/11 event. This Act enables the Federal Government authorities to confiscate the individual’s assets, i.e. house, farm, car and personal computer without a warrant issued by an Australian State or Territory Court of Law. Bank and Financial Institution (Credit Union) accounts can be frozen, and in some cases the funds can be confiscated, falsely as proceeds of crime. Currently an individual can be held in custody by Federal and/or State / Territory authorities for up to 72 hours without being charged, and because the person arrested is simply a suspect. The system in Australia has some similarities with the U.S.A. Lobbying and influences from international organisations outside of Australia occur on a monthly basis, possibly weekly. The current Julia Gillard - Labour / Greens coalition Federal Government wants to sensor the proposed National Broadband Network, (fibre optic), which is currently being rolled out throughout Australia. From a concerned citizen of Australia, John Smith.



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