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Forum Post: Independent Communities via Startup Program

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 23, 2014, 6:24 p.m. EST by bullfrogma (448)
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We're in this together, our turn to face the weather, the universe.

Global calamity is already approaching as a result of pollution. We don't even know what's too late. That's more than enough reason to demand some change right now. The scariest thing is that most people, the mass of people, brainwashed with consumerism and addicted to comfort, don't care about the world. It's too big, and being alive is complicated enough without having to comprehend such a threat. The system around us needs to change, but we cannot just change things because such interconnectedness has been established, groomed carefully into a dependency.

Mass distribution is bad, and not just because it's a horrendous waste of energy and resources, and not just because it perverts the quality and anatomy of our food. But because it's a tool for a monopoly to become the sole provider, and private ownership that forcibly affects everyone is a recipe for autocracy. The same monopoly has happened to our media and entertainment, and together with all things we are being automatized and contained by a singular world view.

Crappy music with repetitive hooks will dominate our experience.

This would be something with the most positive, multifaceted impact, as well as feasibility. We need to wean ourselves and relieve mass distribution, and this can be done with independent communities. Consider that 10 pounds of fuel is attached to every pound of food 4 billion people eat. Consider also how much fuel this living where you work model would save us. The common philosophy with communities is 20-30 hour work weeks, which is less stress and also more jobs.

We absolutely must take care of our food, more than anything. Communities such as this could be self-providing as well as distributing to the surrounding vicinity. It would save a huge amount of fuel, cause that much less pollution, and reduce the need for preservatives or GMO. Also, we're naturally social creatures. This kind of interaction and free education is vital and creates more developed skill with open-minded critical thinking and problem solving.

There is plenty of space that can be transformed into things like this, but to overhaul our system at large, establishing independent communities would really need something to help this become prolific. Such as a government program that could fund the beginning stages, but that is extremely dependent on change, especially with the control big money has. Otherwise anything in this direction is going to be slow, difficult, and viciously opposed by those who profit from mass distribution.

For that matter, capitalism is doing so much damage because anything is up for grabs, such as food, water, energy, etc. We need public ownership of vital resources and necessities, limited and regulated by a truly democratic government. This planet and its problems belong to everyone.

The definite thing about change is that it requires change. Independence of community is key to making a functional system that can promote education and free speech. This can make food healthy, significantly cut pollution, and nurture society. If it doesn't make possible a world without the perverted energy of money, it can help in starting to create one similar.

Life needs to be based on life, for insanity is the true believing of things that are not real, and how that will conflict with reality.



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[-] 2 points by JGriff99mph (507) 6 years ago

"We need to wean ourselves from mass distribution, and this can be done with independent communities."


[-] 2 points by bullfrogma (448) 6 years ago

This stuff is extremely dependant on a lot of change, especially with the control big money has. The people who profit from mass distribution right now would never allow anything more functional to happen. And we have so many people addicted to comfort and brainwashed with consumerism, change is daunting.