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Forum Post: increase visibility

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 24, 2011, 6:34 p.m. EST by topjam (0) from Queens, NY
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ask protesters here and everywhere to wear red hats. protesters, people going to work, shopping, taking the kids to school and even tourists. it will confuse the police and show the politicians and wall street how many we are and that we're everywhere. we'll be on every street corner, bus stop, train station and park. we can take every public space there is.



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[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 6 years ago

Tax the rich http://overthecoals.blogspot.com/

The tax loopholes for the rich are illegal because they are all the kickbacks for the bribes they gave to Clinton/Bush/Obama and congress. Tax loopholes are candy for elected officials. The $3 billion loophole that GE used was created by the GE bag men (lobbyists) which transferred that profit to the debt. The same goes for all the multinational corporations, not just GE.

The rich are the masters of wealth transfers from the 99%. Then they turn that around claiming that medicare and social security is a wealth transfer for the 99%. We are the puppets for the rich.

To expect any of this to change because OWS is sitting in the park is silly. Unless OWS actively campaigns for a 3rd party to remove the Republican Democrat CRIME FAMILY in 2012, we will keep getting screwed by the rich. It is a class war that the privileged created.

We 99% are the victims of the class war because the 99% aren't fighting in the war. We are like the Jews who the Nazis loaded into the cattle cars for their trip to the death camps. They all hopped right into the cattle cars as if they were going on vacation.

If we can't elect a 3rd party, the Republican/Democrat CRIME FAMILY will continue destroying all of us. It is a class war that the privileged created.

Obama has a 400,000 annual Latino quota. They admitted this on a PBS show that when they round up innocent people to deport it is collateral damage. They said they meet their quota to keep getting their budget allotment. Its tough shit for the children and others who have a parent shipped back to Mexico.