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Forum Post: In response to criticism posted here, Evan Kendall Babcock, President of Lobby Democracy, has posted some of his personal perspectives for the sake of full disclosure.

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 1, 2011, 11:37 a.m. EST by LobbyDemocracy (615)
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First I would like to thank everyone who has engaged in conversation with me about Lobby Democracy. Your input has been invaluable as we have been getting off of the ground. Some of you have expressed concerns about my personal political perspectives. Although the organization is politically neutral and my personal perspectives will not drive the direction of the organization, I thought it was fair to want to know where I was coming from. If you would like to see my response to your criticism, please visit http://lobbydemocracy.com/content.php?page=message.

Once again all support and criticism are welcome. If you have questions or concerns please post them here so that we can rise to the top of the list and be seen by others.

(For those of you who are hearing about Lobby Democracy for the first time, we are a lobbying organization designed to represent the majority. We are polling our membership to determine where we stand on the issues. We will take on any issue that reaches 65% support or opposition among our membership. We will then contact every Senator and Representative with the desires of their constituents. The elected leaders will have the opportunity to write back to their constituents through the site. For more information please visit www.lobbydemocracy.com.)



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