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Forum Post: In all human history there has NEVER been a PONZI on the scale of the USA empire of today.

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 26, 2012, 12:40 a.m. EST by owsleader2013 (-1)
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In human history there has NEVER been a PONZI on the scale of the USA empire of today.

I think there is a hope for the US. If it can return to its original way of doing things, like the way Russia and China are doing things now, and work together on joint projects with these countries, than America could actually lead a world recovery.

I think it depends on whether there is a sufficient enough jolt to wake people out of their complacency. That jolt, however, may turn out to be a nuclear explosion. Either that, or if the fear of nuclear war can become real enough, maybe it can trigger a change.

My Response to the Above *

Fantasy my son, fantasy.

In recorded history no failed empire in history has rebounded. Nada, nobody nothing.

The USA is going down, and the only people who survive will be those that bailed before the total civil war makes it impossible.

The first thing the US government will do pre-crisis is declare a 'bank holiday' which will shutdown all ATM's and all flights and gas purchases, thus making everyone a prisoner of their location at the time.

China is on an ascendency, Russia of course is effectively a new country post 1988, but its only the USA like the UK that are on a downward death spiral with the status-quo trying to hold empire with dear life. Nada in history has such a failed empire bounced back. Nada.

Today's America is NOT unlike 1936 Nazi Germany, get out prior to 1938 or there is NO getting out, by 1938 ( 2013 ) most country's will not want 'poor' American gutter trash,

Like I have been saying the 'Rich' built there Chateau abroad back in the 1980's, the people that really matter have private planes and offshore Islands. It's only the little working people that don't have a clue of their future.

Your big 'IF' if the USA can return to what? Your forgetting that the aggregated DEBT of US government now stands at over $200 Trillion dollars, no country in the history of the earth has ever recovered from a debt to GDP ratio of such astronomic proportions. Once the worlds investors start dumping their USA assets it will NEVER come back. Never.

There is NO comparison for what the Russia was in the 1980's or what China is today, in the entire human history there has NEVER been a PONZI on the scale of the USA empire of today.



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