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Forum Post: Improbable Revolt

Posted 2 weeks ago on Nov. 20, 2019, 6:31 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2393) from Fredericksburg, TX
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The problem is: the 99% are so conditioned to believe in the superiority of the !% that most of us think we are lazy, stupid and undeserving of having more. Most believe the propaganda of the rich that claims the 99% are responsible for our own condition. They aren't rich by taking the profit of our hard work. It must be divine intervention as reward for their virtue. That is, of course, almost everyone else but me believes that shit. Yes, each of us knows we should be rich but have been unfortunate somehow. We, like our rich idols, despise the indolent fools, excepting self, of the 99%.

George Orwell's "1984" population was less well conditioned than today's Americans. Those poor souls knew they would face retribution if they spoke or otherwise indicated recognition of the truth. When American's blame ourselves for struggling to get by on the leavings of the rich, we believe in our responsibility for our own condition. We believe the mendacious propagandas of the ruling class of Wall St. Oligarchs are the truth.

We are free to say whatever we want but if we speak the real truth, no one believes it. Why do we lie to ourselves? Is it pride? That would be ironic but no one gets the joke. OK. I get it. I'd rather say the alcohol turned to because I was homeless is the cause of my fall. I've heard homeless disparage themselves or otherwise admit to failure to explain their place. One woman said she chose freedom over the normal measure of achievement. But what are the real odds of success, for those others who play by the rules?

To simplify the math, I'll set the limit to wealth at twice the average net worth and income and define wealthy as possession of that amount. In that world, if 50% of the population were rich, the other half would have nothing at all. They could only live as welfare recipients or permanent slaves, equally at the mercy of the masters. The real world of debtors and lenders is much worse than that. I'll leave the expansion of the mathematical certainty of our zero sum reality as an excercise for the reader.

Evidence of the failure of Capitalism is the growing bankruptcies due to the high cost of medical/pharmaceutical corporate profits. The progression towards cradle to grave indebtedness in general should start to become apparent to even the blindest mind-eyes of the believers. One specific and one general instance of taking the profit from the labor of ordinary people to further enrich the ruling elite parasites is all you need from me. That's the story of civilization, the meaning of the metaphor of original sin.



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[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 2 weeks ago

Most believe the propaganda of the rich that claims the 99% are responsible for our own condition.

In a way - We the majority "are" responsible = for letting this imbalance continue unopposed. (yes this reply could fill a book or several)

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 weeks ago

It's literally true in the U.S. The bigger the disaster, the greater the recovery looks like after wiping things out to a clean slate. The most important task is the suppression of the truth about the real cause. If it has to be known, let it be known as the proverbial wrathful Mother "Nature-made disaster." Everybody naturally gets hungry and cold after a while. Life is electric fire burning slowly in water. All fires burn themselves out of their fuel eventually as surely as candles burn themselves out of their wax and die.

"When will the U.S. meet its reckoning?" is the interesting question left. We need to understand the ancient knowledge of sustainability accumulated since the end of the Ice Age by Original Americans ( the U.S. is itself far too young and illiterate to have accumulated or discovered the wisdom { although Teddy Roosevelt seemed to have been privy of it, } still remember the Dust Bowl? yep, it's yet another wrathful Mother "Nature-made disaster." ) I made a dreamcatcher, did you?

"San Francisco" arrangement has the comment by Nick Petersen: "I feel it too, I'm 28 and grew up with the negative judgements of the hippie movement and all the stigma of psychedelic drugs...Chased the dollar and avoided meaningful relationships....Then I was given a certain psychedelic, the entire meaning of my life seemed to flip upside down....In one way my depression seemed to be gone, but in another it was there in a different form, I now realized what was truly important was relationships and love and people, and I didn't have any of those things... I think that as people come to realize what's actually important, the era of the 60's will be back but even more powerful."

Looking up things from the bottom up presents an entirely new perspective. Are Australians really upside down as perceived by the dwellers of the northern hemisphere? How could that possibly work, with an Australian's head on the ground and walking with legs in the air? As a pupil, I wondered about that after reading what books'd said about Australia. Of course, Australians largely walk on their legs and keep their heads in the air, just like we do! Why?

If we sail too far away from our U.S.A, can we fall off of the edge of Earth?

Many conservatives, being de facto flat-earthers, could never conceive of the possibility that the Australians can be oriented differently from us the Northerners and yet live normally.

The DPRK is, of course, "the happiest country" on Earth, being protected from the scourge of the miserable peoples all around by the powerful weapons and deadly fences, lest these Mongolian hordes should invade and overwhelm the Shangri-La that the DPRK is. Osaka-Busan BiNukes.

I, having seen hundreds if not thousands of swastikas, in a monastery or nunnery ( frankly, I went with my Mom to pray so I hadn't done my scientific experiment or "due diligence" to find out for myself by grabbing the groins under the gowns! ) where no one was bothered at all, came to the conclusion that the problem with swastikas is what they connotate in the minds of the viewers. Wherever no ill-willed intentions were possible and the people who came to pray took that to their hearts, the monastery or nunnery became a very peaceful place despite all of the swastikas being around. It's our remembrance of the horrors associated in a relationship with the swastikas that caused our fear. In my opinion, the German Fascists ( i.e. National Socialists ) usurped the swastika symbol since the monastery or nunnery was probably old enough to pre-date the usurpation. Paranoia can be overcome by the mind. Don't "fly off the handle" until it has become clear or ascertained who had put the swastikas there. Many graffiti swastikas are plainly created to provoke but the ones carved into ornate stone railings with lichen patches or those on expensive and beautiful silk embroidery are highly unlikely to be the intended-to-aggravate kind.

Our shantytown neighborhood and surroundings were populated by gods and goddesses of multiple religions so don't even ask me what religion I had followed in my childhood because I myself didn't know the differences between the different religions. I can now guess that it had involved at least four "religions." This is why I can fit in well with the U.S. First Amendment because any and all religions can be made to work together well with the appropriate compromises while keeping the state out of religions and vice versa ( in order to avoid at least centuries and probably millennia of wars our forebears had fought, been wounded and scarred, and died for, largely for power -- the Almighty willed Jerusalem to be the sacred sanguine navel of the earth for human strifes and sufferings; on the other hand, countries having been tucked away in hard-to-reach no-gold no-silver no-precious-stone no-oil places tend to have avoided armed conflicts much more easily than the ones near the sacred site of multiple monotheistic hence likely intolerant religions.) We can always carve a new god or goddess if we truly need a new one. I saw the gods and the goddesses being sawed and chiseled out of wood, sanded smooth, and painted. Yeah, the arguing kids were correct -- gods and goddesses were made of wood, stone, clay, mud, jade, porcelain, ivory, plastics, copper, bronze, silver, gold, etc. and their powers vary. Don't throw a wooden god into a fire and expect it not to be charred or burnt.

"The Russian government seems hell bent on preventing Russia from ever joining the club of [rich] advanced nations even though the country has the potential to do so. It is blessed with abundant natural resources and a K-12 education system that rivals the US for quality. Russia needs a 21st century revolution."

K-12 education system of the U.S. has been targeted to achieve mass mediocrity -- "No Child Left Behind" so everybody needs to learn the multiply-by-two method to accompany the child and score high in the mandated tests of understanding. I heard of "Math is hard!" and discovered to my dismay that it was indeed extremely hard because the paragraph that needed to be written to explain the method used rivaled the English composition classes' homework in verbal prose. The Math. was easy but the Advanced English Composition combined with Math. and algorithmic analysis was indeed hard. In the Beginning, God created the Amber Alert for the Electron but not the Election... And then there was Light...

I nearly fell off of the "math truck" in grade school. The teacher stayed behind after school had ended to teach me one-on-one in person. I wasn't left behind with the whole class reduced to my level of bottom orientation and bored the scores of the other kids to distractions. Germany's rise to an industrial manufacturing powerhouse could've been predicted by their principalities' efforts to improve early childhood education upon facing the challenges from their British cousins' manufacturing industries. Their legacy was enshrined in the now-"fossilized"-in-education word 'kindergarten' as well as the intense and disastrous rivalries of the 20th Century between Germany and Great Britain. Without the industrialization powered by coal, the last two centuries' history would have been very different with far fewer people having been born and killed in wars.

My Mom got a most beautiful perfectly non-scarred ¿Mao-cauterized-via-anus? arctic fox fur scarf with a small skull decorated with two black beady eyeballs after we had gone to watch a James Bond movie. I suspect that it was likely one of the reasons why my Mom liked me being used as her "cudgel" [in an argument with the nonloser] very much. If Dad had been a loser, he would have probably spun out in anger instead, as Mom had said to me before, regarding why she didn't give a loser a hard time.

Our shantytown neighborhood's topology was truly a burglar trap! A burglar stole the money from my Big Brother's trousers hung at our home ( in those days, we didn't even close the door; it sounds amazing but the other people in our neighborhood did the same thing, too; we were poor but largely equally poor; besides, we could often "borrow," too, so possession wasn't as big a deal as my Big Brother made it out as; I as a three-years-old just didn't know enough to follow the protocol to distinguish borrowing from stealing which was forbidden ) but couldn't find his way to get out of our neighborhood and started cursing aloud. In that very wide dead-ended alley, people didn't curse aloud ( at least I'd never heard it ) so everyone there instantaneously recognized that the burglar was a stranger up to no good so he was questioned, caught, and brought to my Mom to return the money and for her to sentence. She took the money and let him go free after telling him that we were a poor neighborhood so he shouldn't come back to steal from us because he wouldn't get much money at all. Justice means returning what doesn't belong but one has taken. An arctic fox hunt may be in order. We have a U.S. national at stake. Human rights are what matter. Going to war ( including global thermonuclear war, if need be, because it'll be a new global experience ) to secure human rights is very well justified. Live as human or die like animal.

The U.S. Constitution clearly gives the Commander-in-Chief wartime emergency powers to secure and defend domestic tranquility. The stripped-stark-naked people playing the sensuous midnight-all-lights-out basketball game are all very visible and interesting even after they've moved to the sidelines.