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Forum Post: I'm ready... #2

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 4, 2011, 11:06 a.m. EST by timetogo1961 (1)
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If you haven't guessed already; I am sparking a 'hypothetical' race for the Presidency that I hope will materialize as a Presidential candidate that emerges from the young, bright minds of the OWS Movement currently organizing in New York City. My Post(s) will be entitled "I'm ready..."; and I believe that a new set of ideology is necessary to "clean house" and jump-start this Country with a fresh slate. No more Republicans... No more Democrats.

Notice how Newt Gingrich is already 'testing' the U.S. population with his idea of giving illegal immigrants Amnesty. Notice how Newt Gingrich is proposing an "optional" 15% Flat Tax (the key word here is "optional"). Newt will sell you out and down the river... with a smile.

You will get nothing but double-talk and double-dealing from any of the GOP and Democratic candidates eager to rule this Country with their maniacal, egotistical mindsets. It is the same old thing; time and time again. And I think I can speak for all of us and say, "We are tired of it."

It is not about Communism. It is not about Socialism. It is about Nationalism and a new nationalist pride in America. Something we lost years ago. Let's let the Oil Companies drill here in the U.S. Let's let the Corporations operate without a Federal Tax and without the ridiculous E.P.A. regulations that bind them. Let's starting buying American-made; and hiring American workers. There is NO country that has our best interests at heart-- only Americans can save America. The rest of the world is merely waiting and watching... for all of us to fail.

Don't listen to the people that criticize me in their ignorance. We must focus on America. Re-build America. Save America. And we must work together to redefine the sovereign word "American". I envision a fair-minded 25 year program that will render our Country stronger than ever.

We need to rid ourselves of the likes of Hillary Clinton; who focuses all her attention on rebuilding Myanmar and our relationship with China. We need to rid ourselves of the Washington D.C. bureaucrats who focus all their attention on Europe and Africa; while America is dying from within.

Somebody. If not me, then somebody. Stand up from within the ranks of the OWS Movement and lead this Country into a new tomorrow. You already know what needs to be done... so, by God, lets do it.



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