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Forum Post: If you can't protest today, BOYCOTT every day at OCCUPY DAILY-BOYCOTT

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 20, 2011, 3:10 p.m. EST by annie (132) from San Diego, CA
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What if everyone who supported OWS woke up, checked their facebook and found this message….

“Today we will not shop at Target (or use our Visa Cards...or buy gas at Arco...etc). Tomorrow we will, but not today. Tomorrow we will approximate how much money they lost by the number of LIKES we receive and compare that amount to CEO bonuses and tax breaks. We are the 99% and we are not buying it !“

The next day we will choose another company…Mc Donalds, REI, American Express, Amazon. Good or bad each company is a cog in the machine and affects the stock market. Money talks.

At first the numbers of boycott participants will be modest. We will be easy to ignore in the beginning…as we were in Zucotti Park. But with the exponential growth possible with facebook and twitter… in a short time our numbers could grow.

And if our numbers are half those that are protesting on the streets they will surely double or triple in no time if supported by Occupy.org because going through their website it seems there’s a new member signing in every two minutes. That’s a lot of interested folks and many of them are surely unable to actually attend a protest every day. These people need to be mobilized and deserve to play a part in their future other than only talking about the movement.

We need this CALL TO ACTION where everyone has a daily task which then becomes an investment in the cause…a reason to keep interested when far away from the protest sites.

THEN…after our numbers grow...

The day after each boycott we will publish a letter of intent…an OWS good corporation wish-list that they can sign. Many will ignore this letter at first but some companies would be proud to be on the side of the 99% and to let the world know.

This could be a great next step to keep the momentum going. It could continue for months and could show our commitment when the weather gets cold and our numbers decline at the protests. And if it needs to get more dramatic (the media likes that ;), we could make bolder Facebook announcements. “Today we will not eat out. Tomorrow we will, but not today….We are the 99% and We are NOT buying it.” Or “Today we will not drive…” “Today we will not use our cell phones….” Etc. The possibilities will keep them guessing and keep us in the news with this goal…. To change the way things are done!

If you think this could work, please PLEASE spread the word by LIKING (this is your pledge), then SHARING (this is your commitment to spread the word), then BOYCOTTING (this is how you protest daily).

If you have an idea for the next business to boycott, comment! (The company need not be only the "bad guys" as the "good guys" are more likely to end up on our eventual list of pro OWS companies.)



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[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33472) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

Hey Annie - good idea - social media action organization - take the flash mob to something bigger and better. Would also like to see this idea work for twitter as well. Messages of daily boycott to contain reasons why they should be boycotted - educate/outreach for those just looking in.

[-] 0 points by PersonalResponsibility (2) 5 years ago

Please boycott the companies you buy your electronics from; they are corportations. Bunch of fucking tools for the using.