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Forum Post: If we are given 1 demand to request what would it be?

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 21, 2011, 6:07 p.m. EST by JoTerry (10)
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This would be an easily adoptable system refined for 200 years that has already proven itself against a 1% winner take all. This system would address every concern of every 99er. There would be no detractors as even the 1% cannot detract from a patron protecting the progeny from depredators. The way the 1% sees it if no one is going to oppose us we will just keep taking everything until we are stopped. This system of Patrons supervising plenipotentiaries was developed in Scandinavian countries to stop the abuse of the greedy and powerful, beginning with the Sheriff of Nottingham. In 1713 after Sean Connery returned to his throne he hired Robin Hood to protect the citizens from the abuses of the Kings men while the King travelled. In 1809 the Monarchy gave way to the republic who kept the plenipotentiary on to gaurd against abuses of the government. This system grew to neihboring countries in 1950 and now is a global phenomena with 39 governments embracing this solution to stop the 1% from bribing them. Governments cannot implement this New Guard system as we understand it from our Declaration of Independence where we are to provide this guard for our future security. All we need do is give our consent to the present day Patrons of our nation to form a council and give commissions to our New Guard as defined in Websers under Patronage. To convey this better I use the model in The Matrix of a council of those who meet or exceed all the definitions of a Patron, one being chosen, named and honored special guardian protector who supervises the director of the hovercraft captains who oppose the greedy machines who siphen off all the energy from the progeny. Everything is in place and ready to adopt. 48 of our states have not yet adopted this system but two have and they are working to end our slow motion nightmare. I can answer any question especially ones where this system addresses your concerns.



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