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Forum Post: If anybody is looking for people to make investments

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 10, 2011, 7:13 p.m. EST by doninsalem (74)
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(a.k.a. freeing up monies that haven't already been extorted), taking the next steps that should have been taken (naming the next main alternative(s) that everybody has been so agreeably talking about) would instill confidence with anybody looking to make future investments (because it sure looks like if there is a "plan" certain "people" are keeping it to/or for/ themselves/again). If anybody would like to dispute (or use as an excuse) anything scientifically, our top minds have always wanted hydrogen as the best evolutionary proper direction that should have been taken decades ago and to the "simple minded" the question will always be (as well as stand smack in your face) not whether or not the Hindenburg blew up (because we know it didn't most of everybody on site survived and wouldn't have otherwise), but "WHY" didn't it blow up (a.k.a. how come)? P.S. Nine, nine, nine, across the board is also German for no, no, no. What master mind political adviser didn't say, "Just say ten, ten, ten (for now/For anybody that wouldn't know any better)? Confidence would return, investments would be made if people understood exactly what the F-bomb.+



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