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Forum Post: Ideas for spreading the message, and a solid suggestion for how to UNITE the 99%

Posted 11 years ago on Dec. 14, 2011, 5:18 a.m. EST by NLake72 (510)
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So, I was laying in bed, trying to sleep, but I was just too darn excited. This movement is spreading, it has a message, it has an agenda: the 99% Declaration. The silent majority will rally behind it, but we have to get the word out, and we have to unite the people.

The word we have to spread is this: We aren't all trouble makers. We want to reform the system. We ALL know what needs to be fixed. The solutions are the only great divide among us. The Declaration addresses those issues, it packages them in one good document. It doesn't offer all the solutions, but it calls for a national debate, which is long overdue. We have to come together as one people, on common ground, and we will all have to compromise.

The question is this: How to get the word out.

FIRST: We are all Americans. We all have a lot of common values. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights. The Holidays. Our children. When it comes right down to it, Americans are a romantic lot, we're all pretty nostalgic inside.

My suggestion is this: Instead of acting like nuts, causing problems, and making life hell over the holidays, do something better, get active in your community. Do something that will unite the people: Give them a message of hope for the holidays, give them a reason to look forward to the New Year.

SING CHRISTMAS CAROLS. Print up a few carols (some of us have forgotten the words.) And, print up 20 copies of the declaration. Go door to door with it. Sing Silent Night. People will listen politely. They won't slam the door. People might just join you. People will almost certainly sing together with you. If they feel love, they will have an open heart and mind. They will accept a piece of paper with our agenda. Don't try to sell them something, this is strictly about the singing. They will read the message receptively, on their own time, and they'll probably agree with many of it's basic premises. Don't push politics on them, just deliver the message of hope-- while you sing them a song. First, though, we have to bring them a little love, and light candles, and, we're gonna have to sing for them. This gesture will bring them one important step closer to the movement. If they ask how they can help? Tell them to forward the message... Or, put on their coats and join your caroling group.

We must unite the 99%, and we will only achieve it with love in our hearts. Chaos just isn't gonna work as a uniting force, not ever. This could be the best Christmas ever, the year we all came together as Americans, and sang the songs that we all know and love. This is NOT the season for discontent, this is NOT the season for anger and fear. This is the season to come together and celebrate our common values, and our best virtues.

*Yeah, I know.. "We aren't all celebrators of Christmas." It's ok, everyone loves the tradition of caroling... It's an American tradition.

Make it happen, people, sing the songs... This is the season of love for our fellow man.

The most radical expression of this idea: Viral message: 8:00pm local time, on Christmas Eve, everyone in America should step outside their doors and sing Christmas Carols, and bid "happy holidays" to their neighbors. Singing with genuine love. In Peace. As one harmonic people. As Americans. It's time that we all took ONE step out the door, took the trouble to introduce ourselves to our neighbors. It's time we found common ground with the people in our own community. This is a very subversive notion, and, it's very short timing. Probably, this is just crazy and flat-out unrealistic. BUT! It's the greatest, most radical possible expression of this idea: We are all Americans, and it's time we came together, on a night we are already trying to be our better selves. Even if it's for just one night, We ARE the 99%

Also: If you can't sing, you're too lazy, or, you just gotta be a little subversive...

Get on news.google.com Every article has a comments area, cut and paste the link provided, be loving, and be nice. No rudeness allowed. We aren't offering solutions, just advertizing the agenda, and opening the national debate.




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