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Forum Post: Icons of our times - the symbols - religion & sickos

Posted 6 years ago on March 25, 2012, 3:45 a.m. EST by jamesluxley (29)
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It is hard to know the real truth on most matters because one was not there or one has been told stories that were untrue and one hears bits and pieces from media, from school and from survivors. Some say this which contradicts that and vise versa.

Adolf Hitler; was he evil? Was he a puppet or a master? I know Denmark has the Nazi War symbol as the Queen of Denmark's residence (Amalienborg Palace) right smack in the middle of Copenhagen and they even expanded it - the axis (Sun Symbol) - with an opera house.


Hitler designed like a product

Hitler or those who designed and picked him (family?) picked the right symbol namely the Swastika - everyone knew this symbol from India to Carlsberg and the designers of Hitler knew the elite, businesses and big corporation - and the royals - would adore and embrace that symbol (and yes, they surely embraced it) more than anything else. The symbol the elite themselves had adopted in their company logos from flags, palaces and - yes - beer. I know the same symbol - the Nazi war flag - can be seen right on the steps of The Vatican if you could fly. God can fly and so can citizens - today - with a little help from Google Earth.

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[-] 1 points by jamesluxley (29) 6 years ago

PS. Any idea how many OWS'ers there are in USA and/or Europe? Possible to do a count of Facebook or elsewhere? My goes in USA there are perhaps 20.000.000 active but there is a "sleeping" group who are OWS but are waiting to see what happens. Anyway, fight on.