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Forum Post: I write poetry

Posted 6 years ago on June 29, 2013, 11:31 p.m. EST by Huemannoun (1)
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Who we are? Who are you? you fight for someone to hear you Do you? I’m not the first I won’t be the last To hear you To say this system won’t do. They say you’ve got a voice in this country. You’re just a number. You get to pick who they choose. We’ve been divided and conquered for so long We don't even know. Barely old enough to walk. Thrown into public schools. Taught to do. Cut loose just to get told get a job. We’re getting used to being used. So it’s time to get back. to who we were When we had all the time in the world before the throne brought us to our knees made us into peasantry. From Ireland to Africa They hung us in barns. Split up our families and gave us Christian names Had us raised as their human resource Their livestock. Taught us to praise your lord the king Count your blessings and be a good sheep Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not have lust or wrath Or vain or pride or any of those passions That make us healthy and human Thou shalt be a domesticated dog Easy to use and abuse No! Remember we are wolves We are Rome

I don’t want to sell out for the American dream. I want us to be free I want to lift up my fellow human being. Because I can't stand how low they've made some people. I want to kill for my food. I don’t want to be a sheep. Eating fucking factory meat. Their blood for my sweat. I don’t need a clock alarming me Demanding where I have to be I don’t need a captain telling me What to do Or a manager sweating me I don’t need a sweatshop billboard To cover me I’d rather go nude I’m not here to fight a war so the rich in control Can have assets of oil. I’m not here to pledge allegiance To another destructive nation. No I’m here for you My fellow human beings Who fights with me to cut loose I might lose. They want to break your will. Force you to swallow pills. They’ve got torture camps. And they’ll crush your heart With every dirty slur. They’ll terrify you With just how cruel They are. But hold on, hold on You’ve got to be strong Have resolve They take it from one of us They don’t take it from us all. You’ll be rescued We’re all here to fight for youl



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