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Forum Post: i would really like to read some interesting material on ows this AM

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 24, 2012, 7:51 a.m. EST by buik6 (18)
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but you know what its gonna be like 70 degrees this morning in baltimore and i really want to get baked and play golf like about a million times more.

what is really nice about this movement is how well it does without me. i think ows is making tremendous social headway and i didnt really do a damn thing. i never even clicked on a link in this forum, let alone tried to organize or participate in shit. i watched some events on youtube but thats about it... admittedly i was mostly looking at the pussy...

see that is what i am talking about how great a job you guys are doing. there is a gradual but growing shift in perspective, and its because of your hard work. i offer my most sincere congratulations and gratitude



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[-] 1 points by buik6 (18) 6 years ago

yeh cold front comes through at like 2 pm today, until then mild and breezy. fuck that my friends it is the middle of february you got to jump on that shit when it happens.