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Forum Post: I won the powerball

Posted 7 years ago on Feb. 13, 2012, 1:39 a.m. EST by Coldinflorida (50)
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Well the first number and the powerball the Other five didn't match - $4 - still part of the bottom 10 percent



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[-] 2 points by Libertarianliving (149) 7 years ago

And if you do win it, you should have 95% of it taken away in taxes to give to those who don't win the POWERBALL, right?

[-] 1 points by freewriterguy (882) 7 years ago


[-] 1 points by Coldinflorida (50) 7 years ago

Yes indeedy I would be glad to give up 99 percent

[-] 1 points by Libertarianliving (149) 7 years ago

That is easy to say when you haven't really WON. I would spend my life feeding starving Africans too, very happily, if I was there.