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Forum Post: I Want To Produce A Free Street Theatre Production of Waiting For Lefty for OWS' Benefit / Entertainment - Advice?

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 21, 2012, 10:10 a.m. EST by jakebeck (0) from Queens, NY
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Hi, my name's Jake. I'm an undergraduate drama student.

I'm interested in realizing a free street theatre production of a play, Waiting For Lefty, in the spirit of Occupy Wall St. I'd like to perform this play for the benefit of occupiers and the noble people whose efforts have resulted in the shift of consciousness the country is experiencing. I'd like to use the play to explore some of the concepts Occupy is dealing with and then also to provoke further conversation about those concepts by performing the play in the round in a public space and then inviting viewers to start a public forum with the actors involved and with each other. theatre, especially street theatre, is about community, and if there's one thing OWS has in spades it's a sense of community. I want this to be as a gift to the movement. In that vein I'd like to know how i might best organize this for the movement's sake - who to talk to, where to go optimally, who to deal with.



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