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Forum Post: I thought for a long time

Posted 6 years ago on May 31, 2012, 2:31 a.m. EST by Abner220 (0)
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"I thought for a long time, developed a set of tactics for the system to your team can get good grades, it all depends on your play now, you want the former striker to withdraw midfield, try to organize attack. you do not enter the number of balls, while helping teammate goal of this task for you, it is difficult? "

"I think it should be difficult ah. Try to pass, do not shoot on their own is not it?" Zhou Xingsi test a little, and asked Wu to move heaven and earth.

"That would not be necessary, you can rely on their abilities to the goal or shot. After all, you are very set of the offensive. wholesale nfl jerseys

, If a waste of your offensive talent, it is simply a waste of ah." Here, Boer laughed arms move heaven and earth.

"Ah, but also to attack but also organizations attack, but also when the core coach, such a task is a bit too much. I am also a personal, not Superman, ah." Zhou Xing, a make your own take on these tasks, hearts or a little Ta Wu move heaven and earth.

"Never mind, I believe in your ability you may not see your own potential, but others have seen, are clear. Chinese have a saying, bystander do?"

Looking at the stars, Pol eyes could not help showing a trace of the color of envy. This boy, this genius, rarely seen in a century of international football sport arms move heaven and earth.

Who ever heard of a 16-year-old boy can play the game of La Liga, who heard that the 16 teenagers scored in the Champions League. Who would have thought his hat-trick in top international competitions?

Maradona, Pele at his age there is no such scenery, there is no such results. If he grows up and teens, body and technology is mature, after that success is simply amazing. But, he chose the Chinese football extremely backward country, and perhaps also his unfortunate arms move heaven and earth.

Only relative to that world number two won the World Cup, <a href="http://www.jerseyswholesalecheapchina.com/">nfl jerseys cheap</a>

,the boy I am afraid that life is difficult to won that World Cup. Two number one behind the two football powers, Brazil and Argentina. Unfortunately, the boy behind, but only the Chinese team, the lack of football talent the Chinese team force to move heaven and earth.

"If he was born in Germany, then so much the better." Think of Germany's extreme lack of forward conditions, Pol I was still a little sad, why own country there is no such a genius move heaven and earth by force.

If he is then in Germany, I am afraid that achievement more than Muller and Jurgen Klinsmann. Even Franz Beckenbauer, I am afraid have to give way the arms move heaven and earth.

"Well, needless to say. Perhaps this is the fate Could it be that God sent the boy to save the team?" Sighed a sigh of relief, Pol lifted up her head, looking at the blue sky Wu move heaven and earth.

"Coach, how." Looking Boer Mo life ironic sigh breath, <a href="http://www.bizonmalls.com/">cheap jerseys from china</a>

,Zhou Xing quickly asked Wu to move heaven and earth.

"Well, these future problems, I will talk with you." Boer finished, and patted the shoulder of the week star laughed arms move heaven and earth.

"Yes, coach. Since I came, is not going to participate in training." Watching his teammates practice on the playground, Zhou Xing heart some of the itch arms move heaven and earth.

"Well, your clothing are ready. I immediately called Zhang with help you pick up." Followed told a few staff on the sidelines of a club, let him give a star get what clothes Boer picked up a football, and took out a pen Road: "help me to sign a name."

"What, coach?" Zhou Xing uncontrollably, Tao Wu move heaven and earth.

"I also called Chang took a ball clothes, above, but also signature oh." Boer laughed Having these added a Road: "No way, who told me your fans. Besides, my grandson in Germany have been told you I want a shirt with the signature football turned out to have this opportunity today, why do not use. "

Zhou Xing face some embarrassment, but still took over the football coach delivery, correct to write on his name above. At this time, the uniforms have been club staff brought the arms move heaven and earth.

"Here, this is your uniforms." Pointing to the white jersey, <a href="http://www.wholesalesupplierschina.com/">air max shoes</a>

,Pol finger in the back of the uniforms, called Zhou Xing written on their name, correct on the arms move in a convenient belt heaven and earth.

Zhou Xing signed when the hand suddenly paused, because he saw the number of uniforms. On the 10th, the core of the uniforms, the number of number one. "



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