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Forum Post: I think this has been forgotten a message for all of humanity

Posted 5 years ago on May 3, 2012, 6:08 p.m. EST by Mortii (0)
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At some point this message will reach people. At some point people start to care. Some point we can all stand and say I am proud to be human. Some point our children will be able to not fear this world. At some point all of our qualities of life will be equal and positive. At some point poor and rich will have no divisions. At some point instead of charging you to heal you we will have it all as a right. At some point the good people of this world will stand up. People will say I don't care what religion you are we believe together. People will stand up and say enough! Enough of your tyranny! Enough of your death and destruction! Enough of your greed and hate! Enough of your anger! Enough of your rage! Enough! And when will that day be? When will you stop saying "I'll let someone else speak for me" and actually say something? When will you get out of your wheelchair of doubt and stand? If you can't do it for yourself then who will? We have no Superman in this world to save us. We have no rich billionaires devoting their money to stop crime and end world suffering. We have no heroes but we are full of villains. And if a million voices at once say enough do you think the world will listen and question? Do you think we could get a million more and then they get a million more? Do you think this world could scream load enough to be heard? No? Then you have no faith. For me I believe in humanity. I believe in the man who jumps into a freezing river to save kids. I believe in the couple who can live together for 87 years. I believe in the group of hackers who can shut down a news station to send out a message. I believe in this message. I believe in you. And if all these people can do these things in the name of what's right, in the name of love, in the name of truth... what can you do? Is standing up and saying enough to one or two people that hard? Are you risking that much? No. It's easy. Don't cover your eyes and pretend this will just go away. It's still going to be here when you see the sun the next day. Evil can only exist when good people do nothing. Share this video or one similar to it with as many as you can. Look into those organizations that are trying to protect your freedoms. Will you continue to be a blind follower or will you ask why? I am posting this again and again to try and make it stick in the hearts of those that I know. I am not a fool I know people wont read this or they will and just wont care. Maybe I'm insane by doing the same thing over and over expecting different results or maybe I just believe.



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