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Forum Post: i talked about the occupy protest in my blog and the horrible way the police treated those freedom fighters

Posted 6 years ago on June 30, 2013, 9:18 a.m. EST by Huemannoun (1)
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[-] 1 points by Huemannoun (1) 6 years ago

please comment

[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 6 years ago

ok.... I'm super busy at moment ... but a quick couple suggestions....

  • first... I like to speed read.... and it is very difficult to keep place ... when there are no paragraph's ... or line spaces to break up the content.... that is why I skipped over it when you first posted it...
  • second... what I first read... appeared good... except the first line...(imo) ... quote " im going to go ahead and suggest that our "first responders" are not heroes.."...

    • I don't understand that ???? are you comparing "first responders" to the idiot cop who sprayed people in the pic ?

    • if so.... that's a big mistake imo.... "first responders" references those public servants who first respond to an emergency... and they are hero's...

hope that helps... I'll read the rest ... if you add some paragraphs ;)