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Forum Post: I Owe OWS An Apology

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 30, 2011, 4:36 p.m. EST by SSJHilscher (75) from Madison, WI
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Dear Occupiers,

I misunderstood. I thought that our hour had come at last; I thought that the American people had finally had enough of the evil of the owner class that assassinates US citizens, and has stripped the world of rights by helping itself to the power to throw anyone in the world into a hole to rot for the rest of their life through extradition and imperialist terrorism. I thought that plutocracy, corporate personhood, a bought congress, gerrymandering, and a lack of self-determination in our failed democracy had finally gone too far. I thought that the people were going to remove their consent to be governed by such forces of evil and form a viable alternative.

As a result, I tried to participate and have my voice heard. I tried to find a place for myself at the 99% table, only to find out that there wasn't one. I tried to make a place for myself with other left-libertarians, and I got banned and silenced repeatedly. It was selfish of me to try to think that this movement had any interest in radical fringes like me. This is a movement for Democrats, and I am sorry for being so negative these past weeks. I believed that it wasn't about party for a while. I naively believed the 70% left-independent statistic.

I have been pessimisstic and negative and for that I am sorry and wish you the best in re-electing Obama in 2012. It is your American right to support a platform that serves corporate interests, doesn't prosecute torture, starts wars without congress or the American people's approval, supports foreign interventionism, and prohibition wars on its own people. It is your right to support a government that gives 1.5 T to militarism per year in structural spending - more than the entire GDP of Canada. It is your right to support the corporate welfare of the military industrial complex, and push for more money and power to be given over to government hands rather than returned to the people. It is your right to wave signs in front of banks, and refuse to do anything that will actually strike fear into the hearts of the owner class. It is your right to oppose civil disobedience and non-violent sacrifice that will make them feel it. It is your right to shut down and shout down anyone from the 99% with different beliefs than yours. It is your right to ensure that The People will never be United and always be Defeated. It is your right to have these beliefs and to pursue them, and I would not dream of silencing you or repressing your beliefs; even if you have constantly silenced and repressed me and met me with hostility since I arrived -- I was out of place and over the line and I recognize that now.

I am very sorry. I know that 99% is just a slogan now. I'll go home and wait for real organization and building up of the organized left. It will happen soon, I pray god. It has to happen soon.




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[-] 2 points by Outlier (115) 12 years ago

If ordinary citizens on the left and the right cannot put their differences asside in order to unite around a single common agenda, like ending the system of crony capitalism and the plutocracy, then the 1% will continue to dominate our political system and our society.

Nothing serves the 1% better than intra-class warfare. They become orgasmic when regular people on the left and the right are at each others throats. http://outlierideas.com

[-] 1 points by AZvotenow (44) 12 years ago

Agreed with you yesterday. But digging deeper I have found some revolutionist who are anti-domination not for election of anyone in power. I continue to believe that if the power of the people is voiced candidates will rise up who will represent the people who elected them. Everyone must REGISTER AND VOTE. It is our last tool and probably our last chance to excerise it fully.

[-] 1 points by sudoname (1001) from Berkeley, CA 12 years ago

Sorry to hear this. I'm definitely not for obama and I don't think OWS's goal is to re-elect him.

[-] 1 points by Lockean (671) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Ya know, I am as left-libertarian as any pre-neoliberal consensus liberal. I'm not here supporting Democrats or Obama. I don't have a problem with you and your positions - in fact I share them.

I think some of this stems from the fact that the Chomsky definition of libertarian is just not generally valid in US politics. Libertarian here means free market fundamentalism, and complete destruction of the social safety net. If you're taking critiques of that mode of thinking personally, you might just need to consider changing your personal label (for as long as your right brethren define the terms).

[-] 1 points by Notconfusedanymore (62) 12 years ago

Very well said.