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Forum Post: I need a creepy hallway and a room for a day

Posted 10 years ago on April 17, 2013, 7:54 p.m. EST by sdanzig (0)
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The 1% hates indie filmmakers, so I'm pleading for some help.

Last Sunday, the cops threw me and my filmmaking crew out of Bellevue Hospital. I knew a lab technician in Bellevue Hospital who convinced her boss to let me film in the Brain Research Lab, which wasn't being used on Sunday, when I wanted to film. Going the official route, you need to pay Bellevue $15,000, and there's no way I could afford that. We had a story that we were filming a "welcome back to Bellevue" video for after Hurricane Sandy, although really I wanted to shoot the last day of a dystopian future film, "Sky Paradise", which had a secondary purpose of promoting awareness of clinical depression. I was even handing out complimentary brochures about it to the cast and crew.

Well, our makeup artist showed up a little early with her suitcase and got stopped, and then I spent the next hour pleading with the police. They felt for me and called every administrator they could, but ultimately I got one no after another no after another no. I had invested $11,000 of my life savings into this film, and 9 months of planning... just a 10 minute short film that I'd need 12 hours in a hallway that wasn't being used. The whole floor isn't used on weekends. I'm fully insured and there would be no stunts. I just needed a hallway and a room for my film, and no one with authority even allowed me to talk to them. They told me I had to call back the next day, after my equipment rental ended, and my crew went home. I did, and they still said no. I tried even the hallways of apartment buildings resided in by some crew members. Then I proceeded to call tons of hospitals and other buildings around NYC... All no. No no no.

My cast and crew are very supportive, and most will work for free to do one more day, and get this film done. I just need a creepy hallway and a room. A hallway in a basement, or in a hospital.. maybe even an office place. The less light the better. Can anyone help me out? I'm willing to pay $1000!!! I can't believe there's no one in all of New York City that's willing to let me film for one stinking day in their hallway.

Here's the website for the film I'm trying to make:


It'd be such a dream come true to finally have the shooting done. Help :(



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