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Forum Post: "I Hate": A Poem or Essay

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 10, 2011, 4:56 p.m. EST by fabianmockian (225)
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The fact that the world is under the control of power hungry, greedy, selfish people. That freedom of speech does not extend to criticism of the conglomerates that control the food industry.

That special interests have a louder voice than the majority of Americans.

The way corporations get bailed out, subsidized, deregulated, while people go bankrupt, pay more and are regulated more than ever in history.

That some of our leaders follow the philosophy of Ayn Rand, which promotes selfishness and greed and sees all of those in need as parasites.

Those who pollute the planet, be it on a small scale or more along the lines of Koch Industries.

Laws that allow financial institutions to take billions of dollars from millions of people Private prison corporations that profit from housing illegal immigrants and non-violent convicts, while also profiting from the labor of people who have little choice in the matter.

The Federal Reserve, which disguises itself as a government agency, while loaning every single dollar printed to the United States Government.

Attacks blaming the economic collapse on teachers, firefighters, policemen, nurses and public sector workers that conveniently forget to mention unpaid tax breaks that were skewed to favor the rich over the past ten to thirty years.

How the Military-Industrial complex has continued to grow, despite warnings from previous presidents of the danger this action poses to our nation.

That America feels less secure than it did prior to 9/11, because poverty and the wealth gap are on the rise.

The police state that people are being led to believe is necessary in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave".

The fact that banks or financial institutions in Washington D.C. which are foreclosing on the rightful owners are paying homeless people ten dollars per home and seven dollars per apartment to evict the soon to be homeless.

That State legislators have to occasionally check with the World Trade Organization to verify that proposed state laws don't violate trade agreements.

How lobbyists can make immoral acts, legal and acts that should be illegal sound moral.

That so many people cannot tell that they are voting against their own best interests, because propaganda has become commonplace in American society.

That those leaders who claim to be for the people always seem to stay just left of the extreme agendas pushed by those on the far right.

The fact that our political choices are only the lesser of two evils, because this sounds like evil has a monopoly over our political system.

That corporations are people and even more so that the decision to say as much is based on a lie.

How politicians believe we are too stupid to distinguish the difference between the lies they tell us and the truths our eyes tell us.

That Social Security is accused of being unsustainable, while defending the rest of the world isn't.

Police who harm peaceful protesters to appease the very same bosses that say the police and other public employees are the reason our economy is failing.

Anyone who visits the Bohemian Grove and partakes in the "Cremation of Care".

Politicians who blame individuals for their own poverty.

How corporations that show no loyalty to America are allowed to repatriate profits after receiving tax breaks and remain American while outsourcing so many of their jobs.

Politicians who watch as other politicians eliminate people's voting rights, right to bargain and any other rights.

How "Trickle Down" or supply side economics are claimed to benefit anyone other than the wealthy, while in reality, only represent us (WE THE PEOPLE), giving our money in tax breaks to the wealthy, so the wealthy can give us (WE THE PEOPLE) back some of our money . . . After we perform some labor for these wealthy "Patrons".

When people say "the rich should not be punished for being rich" when all WE THE PEOPLE say is that "We should not be punished for the rich being rich".

How Occupy Wall Street is demonized for standing up for the rights of 99% of America, while the TEA party is praised for fighting for tax breaks that inordinately benefit the rich.

How President Obama is referred to as Mr. Obama.

Politicians who say disaster relief emergency funds should only be provided if their costs can be offset by spending cuts.

When political leaders criticize government spending, while accepting it for their districts.

When politicians cut education budgets to offset tax breaks for the wealthy.

Organizations like the American Legislators Exchange Commission (A.L.E.C.), which sounds like a place where legislators are bought and sold.

I hate that I am so angry, paranoid and hopeless.



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