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Forum Post: I envision a world where a man may cut down trees to build a home for his family, and another man doesn't make it his business, but that is not the world we live in...

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 10, 2012, 11:37 a.m. EST by freewriterguy (882)
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I envision a world where a man can cut down some trees and build a house to shelter his family and another man doesnt interfere but this isnt the world we live in. Instead that man has to slave away to purchase the land, and building permits from other men, or more likely those trees are claimed by the "government" on behalf of the people but are never shared with the people, and they charge the people 17 - 35 dollars a night just to camp on those public lands even. Or the land is already owned by a man who owns hundreds of thousands of other acres. Darn too bad I wasnt born before the rest of you, then you would all be paying me rent on my earth ! (This is similar to what is going on in the Corporate world)

I envision a world where if a man seeks land outside the city because the price is affordable, so that he can pursue his dream, he doesnt find a city ordinance saying if you want to live on it, you have to purchase a minimum of 140 acres of land at a price of 5k per acre which put the price of bare land at 700k which is what happened to me 2 hours sw of slc, utah.

I envision a world where a man may irrigate some of the river water onto his land and leaving some for those down stream to grow food for his family without another man saying you need to pay me for the water. Or otherwise pay for water rights. (perhaps water rights may still need to be negotiated here realistically) I.D.K.

I envision a world where a man may own a horse for transportation, or a cow for milk or a chicken for eggs instead of having our food trucked in from 1500 miles away (God forbid there should be an oil shortage) but this isnt the world we live in, in fact, many people cant own a horse, or a cow or a chicken, its against other men's city ordinances.

I envision a world where if a man grows flowers in his yard to sell them to pay for his home during a time when so many have lost their jobs, he isnt thrown into jail by other men for breaking city ordinances of working from his home like what happened in my community last february 2011. After all, we all can afford to go into debt leasing a commercial building instead, and if we fail, we can have our home taken from us,( that should teach us not to try and succeed). Unfortunately this IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.

I envision a world where if a man has a child he doesnt go into debt to another man 5 thousand dollars in hospital bills, or when a man dies of old age his family doesnt go into debt 5 thousand dollars to bury him, when a good shovel is twenty dollars and the back yard is wide open. Instead we live in a world where if we bury our old people, the government will arrest us on suspicion of foul play.

Shame Shame Shame on these other men who have made it their business despite the scripture that says; "Be ye not busy bodies involved in other men's matters." 1 peter 4:15, 1 tim 5:13. 2 thes 3:11



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[-] 2 points by GildasSapiens (266) 6 years ago

I suggest you Occupy Prehistory &/or Pre-Civilization.

Interesting scriptural reference - what was the chapter & verse on that, again?

[-] 1 points by freewriterguy (882) 6 years ago

1 peter 4:15, 1 tim 5:13. 2 thes 3:11

[-] 1 points by wellhungjury (296) 6 years ago

You and I have chatted before. Though we disagree at times, I can tell that the root of your dreams are similar to mine. The rules you state, I have seen versions of and deal with some of the same things in my area. (If you are 2 hours of SLC, then we are at least 6-8 hours from each other) Some of these rules are actually needed because the population is too high to just let everyone do what they want. It effects others and their freedoms, plus the resources are limited. Other desires you have, I get totally and tell you that they do exist. I am living them. So, I suggest that you pick your battles. Focus on your absolutes. Except that you cannot have everything your way. Then, look outside the proverbial box and realize that you can accomplish your dreams with planning, hard work and an understanding of the area and rules that are there. There are places still left to get a lot of what you desire. Hopefully, if you obtain one of these places, you will embrace it and protect it with all your heart. I wish you luck.

[-] 1 points by freewriterguy (882) 6 years ago

thanks, it sounds encouraging. some day, ill finally get mine and join the folks who say, i got mine now go and get yours, as i leave each to their own, the poor pitting against eachother, trying to speak out for 2 decades, and noone until this OWS movement apparantly ever hearing my voice.

[-] 1 points by wellhungjury (296) 6 years ago

I sounded a lot like you about 10 years ago. I kept looking at things in an all or nothing approach. I eventually learned that through patience and baby steps, I could actually accomplish many of the things that I wanted. Maybe it is even harder now a days. With the slowed economy, my earning power has been reduced. I see what I have in my hands now and wish that I could push forward faster. That is just not the case. Patience is even more important now, along with a thankfulness that I have what I have. You need positive reinforcement or jsut an ear to bend, I can listen.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

Have you considered becoming Amish?

Sounds like you would like their lifestyle.

[-] 1 points by freewriterguy (882) 6 years ago

amish lifestyle does sound nice, but where can i go, no man will share the earth with me. I want to be free, so I cant join with them because i dont believe as they do, nor do I want to live my life under some other mans authoritative interpretation of what life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness means to him.