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Forum Post: I do not understand what

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 17, 2011, 12:44 a.m. EST by bnbn3 (1)
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Helian Yaohua relax to light called on, yes, she is white embroidered Qi, suspicious of him. He gently rubbed her pale cheek River mill, she feels like snow, Ice cool, holding his palm skim her face, trying to transition to her own body temperature, the amount of two offset, blend breath, he felt her shallow spit satisfied that the warm hot, almost to the end and moist eyes. wholesale coach purses She lost her life these days, he is not never done a similar move, but she never respond to him, whether they rely on much more recent, there will not be warm and fragrant warm interest him, even if he kissed her, kissed not belong to the heat of life, at the moment, she is breathing, small, regular, Breath. "Do not you happy to see me? You do not miss me? Can return to my side, you do not like me ecstatic with excitement? Remark to say ... why? Why say you want to live? So I thought who occupies your body, I'm afraid to wake up the person is not you, Jennifer embroidery, I'm afraid to be disappointed after infinite hope ... "Helian Yaohua like a child, leaning on her neck pillow, seek peace of mind rely on. "..." She lip motility, hesitantly. "You do not know how happy I am, I waited for you for five years, a full five years, five years, I struggled wholesale coach bags to live simply, they said I was crazy, even I have doubts that he is not being forced to miss crazy ... "he hold up her physique, never forget that they had promised, that this life will not light up his hands, he took her, from young to old, from black hair to white hair. Her out from his own hand palm has always been weak and quiet face, there is no tranquility amongst the smile, not touched by the affection, not a dumping his wife for her husband's love, her pillow in her shoulder overlooking Quzhao, he Mouguang much sort of resentment. Bitterness? He Qi embroidered looked at him ... ... how could so? "I really do not know how happy you are ... you always so bent on doing what they want to do, do not care whether or hurt others, you never ask someone willing to ... ... how do I be happy? How will be pleased if mad? when I thought I was finally able to escape, do so far escaped you, but cheap juicy couture handbags when forced to come back here again? "Yee-embroidered white shedding tears, tells of the words but every word like ice cream. Helian Yaohua Zhengran, he slowly looked up, his head went blank, his eyes to see her embroidered white-chi said the remarks of the discourse assured. "Relief?" He repeated the word incomprehensible. Her death as her ... ... relief? She fled her death as much of his ... ... relief? He does not understand, he is to teach people with chi embroidered Shenxianjuanlv envy, since both of them get married that day, never quarrel over a dispute, he did not provoke Yingyingyanyan flora to teach her sad weeping, the couple both courteous, she is his only love a woman, she is the softest part of his mind, they Jian flounder scene is still vivid in my mind all the affectionate, why she was dead, actually points to teach him extremely shocked The ruthless absolutely everything?

She hated him? In the case of his knowledge, hated him? "You let me San Diego Chargers jerseys be attributed to the loess, is not it? All I can take away all the resentment, and you can still cherish the memory of our ignorance that part of the hypocrisy of sweet marriage, memories of" Yee-embroidered white "of your feelings ... ... This is not it? "Yee-embroidered white almost to himself Dinan, misty voice far remote. "I do not understand what you're talking! I am with you but where scores?! How could our marriage hypocrisy?!" Helian Yaohua on pins and needles to suddenly thrust up.



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[-] 1 points by bnbn3 (1) 10 years ago

She's the only bet that this "break free Chun-fang," has never traded in the market, coupled with the inscription on the painting are not spare the dust of the title, in addition to the woods themselves, few people can be sure about this picture is true ... ... Xiao Ran frustration, got up [url=" http://www.savemalls.com/products/Handbags-c4_p1.html ] wholesale handbags from china[/url] and took the phone ready to call: "I ask my colleagues to help you see if he has no contact Korea but ink, but is estimated not easy to find, we went to the interview and they are generally arranged to contact the Secretary." "No," the woods hand stopped her, saying "I have his business card." "Oi - business card!" Woods suddenly jumped up from his chair, took the package ran out, leaving only HE Xiao Ran a loss to stand still. Speed rushed to the free workshops, the first thing to do woods burst into his office look at trash. Damn, do not know what hard working guy has to refuse to down ... ... Woods an emergency, without thinking went to the door after stepping on heels of garbage trucks that, fortunately, is still garbage truck, but the sun's exposure, the entire garbage truck stench exudes a son. The woods always love clean, but compared to her to do it now, this principle is not really what it is. So she decided to come in for the pieces of the old gray coat (blocking out every time a reporter to interview [url=" http://www.amazemalls.com ] wholesale prada handbags [/url]her when she wants, the woods will be put on this "combat gear" slip quietly out the back door), to the garbage near the vehicle nose, with a small stick to be fiddled with to find their discarded cards goes. The alley from time to time been passed, the woods feel that they see their eyes seem to have some strange, had buried his head down low, just looking forward to breakfast to find. "You see ah, you do not learn, grow up you have to go picking up trash, you know?" Through the woods around the time, pointing to her aunt on the side of a little girls' education channel. Woods was furious, though her dress broke this point, but whether it is showing faint look cuff watch, or blocked by garbage truck shoes, suppression or her so noble qualities, such as picking up litter where it! "Learn life can smooth it? Girl, life is not so simple." Mother and daughter looked on the back, woods sneer a cry, [url=" http://www.bizonmall.com ] coach handbags outlet [/url] muttered, "Even if you took a bachelors, masters or doctoral degree, you the same will be thrown, they would find themselves in fact, nothing ... " "What you talk nonsense!" That mother is very sharp ears, touches, back woods a daggers, and then turned the daughter's arm, "go, we do not reason in this crazy." Nerve foil ... ... Looked down their woods, gray long-sleeved body near the garbage truck because the relationship has got a lot of stains, faint with the garbage truck exudes the same sour. Burst from the heart, filled with nausea, aversion to throw a stick woods, back to replace the clothes, the two arms fiercely rinse under the tap, yes, she probably really sick, actually be a phone number in order to turn garbage truck ... ... It turned out that when things involve in the past, she still can not calm. But, such a gaffe, because have not been able to make up for regret, or because the period of seven years of painful days? Sit back, sip warm Biluochun, the woods come to the answer - today she is so badly, because South Korea but that damn ink, ever since he appeared, there is no good thing happened. Wrong, or some, at least, she finally knew the whereabouts of the painting ... ... But had lost power, [url=" http://www.savemalls.com/ ] Cheap coach handbags [/url]"but Mexico is still a Saozhou Xing Han! Side of the woods but is secretly cursing Korean ink, there moon over the door. "Woods sister, have your package." Took over the sweep of the woods, the sender that column is blank, she frowned, was secretly ponder: will not bomb it ... ... ah, you should not have such a small bomb. Open the tray, wrapped in layers of newspaper inside a red velvet box. Heart under the woods a slightly Deng, do not give up hope that David, but also to continue with her to marry him gifts Han's bar. Will not, ah, see David this morning that look, he should not want to see the woods in this life ... fishes ... With full of doubts, broke box woods, made her think of is a box stuffed with - is a sterling silver business card holder, at first glance, the above pattern and makes it very Lingge carved exquisite.