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Forum Post: i consider meself a goode-natured troll

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 11, 2012, 11:25 a.m. EST by buik4 (-10)
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i am here because occupy has caught my attention. i think it is pretty cool that people demand a little more fairness in the structure.

but i am also here for some goode-natured trolling

i know, you say, "whats next, buik4 a baby with adult genitals? anyway how come you have a "4" next to your name? did you get banned a few times?" to these questions, i say, it is not my nature to answer your questions;

i am here to troll you, and to troll you well, with some phrases you have never heard before such as "wood-elf faggot" and "it is not my fault you accidentally fucked your uncle at that party"

but i am a goode-natured troll and that is your task: to prove me a villain. to say something to me so unnatural, so unholy, that you force me to reveal my wrath, my dark side.

just as swear words are an important part of my vocab and your small penis is a joke in an increasingly growing circle, it is not important that you ask why; what is important is that you begin



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[+] -7 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 12 years ago

Great! I need a test subject for the forum bots I am building. Since you openly admit that you are here to troll, then I assume it won't bother you if I troll in your direction. I just have to get the green light from jart, then I'll be unleashing a couple of bots to shadow you around the forum. This is perfect, I was looking for an opportunity to test my new programs. Thanks.

[+] -7 points by buik4 (-10) 12 years ago

c'mon man its a goode-natured troll. you need some remedial reading comprehension classes in your legislative district, my friend

[+] -5 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 12 years ago

My bots are good natured, don't worry. rulezforradicalz10 and yourself are the perfect guinea pigs. I'm sure no one will mind if I unleash a few silicon creatures in your direction. It should make you happy, you'll have something to fight against. It will challenge your trolling and make it more fun. Actually, you should volunteer by officially giving me permission to use bots against you.