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Forum Post: Hunger Strike I

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 27, 2012, 5:15 p.m. EST by TheStarvingCrusader (25) from Killingly, CT
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I am currently engaged in a hunger strike againt 2 states (Ct/Mass) to highlight incidents of corruption, fraud, threats, intimidation on taxpayer projects. I have worked my entire life in construction minus the 2 enlistments in the USMC. I spent the last 10 years as an inspector (the very last 5 as a coatings inspector). Inspectors are the police of the construction industry. That said we are given the tag "consultant" meaning we are removed for cause or no cause. My reporting of attempted bribes, fraud (intentional attemps to not do work the contractor was paid to complete/ ghost specifications: rewritten to lessen that actual amount of work that the contractor bid on), intimidation and threats all resulted in my removal and as they say the band played on. It is my intent to bring this maddness to an end and create checks and balances that will result real change. The problem is everyone profitting from this system is fine with it as it is. Dr. Demming talked a lot about failed quality in America for anyone thats wants an quick view of the American system. State of infrastructure and the cost: It is a sad fact, but we have "FAILED" to maintain upkeep on our current infrastructure and as a result it is in bad condition. We are now at a point where we "MUST" dump billions into the existing structure. If we do not deal with corruption issues, a lot of that money will be lost to the to greedy corporations. I have noted that there are 3 basic types of people in the world when it comes to dealing with coporate and govt corruption:

  1. The citizen that knows its wrong but says nothing because the thought of challenging institutional power seems overwelming. Of course knowing that they will be retaliated against and puished by that institution does not help. Govt and coporations love this type of citizen
  2. The citizen that stands up to the entity and addresses the issues to force change. Otherwise known as the whistle blower. (Govt and corporations HATE this type of citizen, hence the reason they take their jobs away and destroy their lives....often referred to as crazy).
  3. People who try to make a stand but suffer a melt down because of the abuse and unjust treatment. (Govt and corporations love these people: whatever was really happening is now irrelevent...because that emplyee is crazy). What we need is a 4th type of citizen that uses non- violent protest/resistance to force change. This brings me to the hunger strike! So why a hunger strike, well its not like I have a lot of options. I have no right to challenge these institutional criminals within the power structure. I don't have the money to challenge them before in any court room in America. So I must create a platform where I can. Corrupt people and institutions are acting out in the open, as they do, because they have lost any fear of being held accountable. This corruption does not begin and end with Wall Street. This cancer has eaten its way into institutions much closer to main street. These predators believe and act like they are outside the law because they think the laws don't apply and in large part, they are right. It is time to usher in a new age, where the institutional criminals fear for the criminal acts they commit. Not because there own institution will ever challenge them, but because we the people will. I feel if we fail to acheive this we will lose this nation itself under the weight of it own decay. It is time Americans were reminded that we are not powerless. So I will stand....against corrupt govt.....against corrupt coporations...with no GUNS, with no ammunition, and with no body count (save my own). What I seek... -State certification and training for all inspectors working in the state. -Inspectors must answer and be governed by inspectors in their industry.
  4. An organization must be formed to oversee inspectors in the field, and that organization should answer to the Att Gen. office.
  5. The creation of a non-compliance (NCR) and corrective action electronic lock box. These lock boxes should be connected to the state and the SSPC. This is to ensure any issues put in writing against the contractor remain in writing.
  6. All engineering companies removed from oversight of all inspectors. These firms have one focus: contract maintainance. They will assist in covering up anything that might threaten a contract.
  7. All inspectors are covered by 3rd party representation.
  8. Inspectors must have the right to challenge any accusations against them and have the power to bring charges. This means some form of system be put in place, currently there is none.
  9. Inspector must have the authority to have anyone removed for using fraud, corruption, poor workmanship, threats, intimidation or violence on the job site. In acheiving this we will create an inspector that has the authority to stand on his or her own. If govt agency personnel loses the ability to bully and break the inspector, then the agency personnel have no value to the contractor (less bribery/scullduggery). The creation of a board of inspectors serve 2 purposes: 1. To ensure inspectors are doing their jobs and not abusing this new power and protection. 2. To ensure information of a criminal nature gets to the cheif law enforcement officer of the state. When contractors can no longer use their power to kill such accusations within the local agency, they will have to act in a more rational and decent manner. Some of you no doubt are wondering "is this dude crazy?". My response would be define crazy! To me allowing such things to go on unchallenged and then talking about what a great nation America is hypocritical and crazy. We have a great nation only if we demand the best from her.



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