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Forum Post: On Voting For The Lesser Of Evils

Posted 10 years ago on Sept. 21, 2012, 3:23 p.m. EST by jk1234 (257)
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Nice post from the Tocker Guy cut and pasted below: http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=211818 The entire Politics area of Tickerforum has, of course, turned into the Presidential "hate fest" over the last month or so, and with good reason.  The oft-asked question of me is "well, you're voting for {Romney|Johnson}, yes?", especially for those who have read my 2008 Ticker posted the day before the election, in which I said I was voting for Obama.

What I said at the time was this:

I cannot vote for a man who is well-aware, as are his top advisers, that this entire mess was intentionally concocted through greed and fraud, that fact has been admitted, and yet the candidate has promised to do exactly nothing about it.

I cannot vote for a man who clearly intends to allow the fraud throughout the banking and regulatory systems to perpetuate itself and be bailed out through the expenditure of taxpayer funds.

I cannot vote for a man who had multiple opportunities to get in front of this issue, was fully aware of it, and who's top advisers are also fully aware of it, yet has made a conscious and intentional decision to do nothing.

No, John, I cannot cast a vote for someone who has clearly and publicly countenanced and looked aside at fraud that has coerced millions of Americans to go into debt to the tune of trillions of dollars they have no hope of being able to repay.  Then, to add insult to injury, when the music ends, with you having full knowledge of how this occurred you then support and press in Florida and elsewhere a plan to forcibly shift the entirety of this fraud to the taxpayers - including those who were not originally ensnared in the trap and even those who are not yet born.

You, John McCain, your support of the "right to life" obviously don't include a right to freedom.  You instead support selling our born and unborn children into debt slavery so that those who perpetrated this fraud will not only go free from punishment but will get to keep their ill-gotten gains as well.

Is Barack Obama perfect?  No.  He and I have many differences of opinion, some of them very serious, and absent John McCain's attempt to sell my daughter and her yet-to-be-conceived children into debt slavery to satisfy those who committed fraud and now demand to escape with the loot, I would be voting for John McCain.

But I cannot vote for a man who has, through his pubic actions and pronouncements, supports slavery of every taxpayer in America, the children and the unborn - no matter what other positions he holds that I agree with.

As it turns out Barack Obama lied.  This probably shouldn't surprise, as most politicians lie.

But before you tell me that all politicians lie and that we're choosing between the lesser of two evils, I want you to consider a few facts -- and they are, ladies and gentlemen, facts.

We The People have been serially financially raped by the politicians.  This assault has been relentless, it has countenanced all manner of force and fraud, it has included violations of our person, our property rights, our fundamental liberty interests and more.

But behind nearly all of these assaults is in fact abuse of the monetary system in the United States.  All of these acts ultimately come down to fraud in some form; mortgage fraud, monetary fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, fraud, fraud and more fraud.  If you are one of the 600,000 that live in Jefferson County Alabama you've been hosed forward and backward for several years to the tune of a 400% increase in your sewer bill due to fraud. 

The scams and schemes have been in some cases made explicitly legal by acts of Congress.  This does not change their essential fraudulent character; it only provides a shield against prosecution so that the theft can take place in the open and the assault upon you leaves you with no lawful means of redress.  In short, these laws including the willful refusal of Congress to enforce The Federal Reserve Act's demand for stable prices for a serial 100 years have left you with two choices: Bend over and put a stick in your teeth or resort to violence and accept the risk of punishment for having done so.

That's the bottom line and neither party has shown any intention of fixing these problems.  In fact just the other day The House passed yet another legalized-fraud bill, this one making sure that when there is another Jefferson County Alabama you will eat it and the banksters cannot be prosecuted for ripping you off.

Now let's talk about Gary Johnson for a minute.  Many people have said that because I have been (and still am at a county and below level) formally affiliated with the Libertarian Party I should support him.  Sorry, but no.  I do not support Gary Johnson because he will continue to permit the financial**to go forward.  I know this because he said so on my radio show in October of 2010 long before declaring his intention to run for President.  I said at the time (and the interview is still available if you wish to listen to it):

If the Governor decides to add a few things to the "Our America" platform, most seriously those dealing with the rampant financial crime, trade and immigration issues, I'll support and endorse what he's doing.

But until then I'm forced to reserve that endorsement.   Without those three items addressed what he's trying to do will only perpetuate the kleptocracy that Washington DC and Wall Street have become, and I cannot in good conscience endorse any political movement or candidacy that refuses to take these issues head on.

If you think that just because someone dons a cap or sticks a pin on their lapel I will change my mind when their positions have not changed you're wrong.   I declared my position on Gary Johnson more than a year before he declared his intent to switch to the Libertarian Party and in fact I publicly stated my position loudly and clearly.

I simply do not care what race, religion, creed or political party you hail from -- I instead do my level best to judge character.  That's how it was when I ran MCSNet in the 1990s and that's how it is now.  I don't always get it right (none of us do) but I flatly refuse to be a party hack and "toe the line" endorsing someone who has told me he's going to allow people to screw me right up front.

And that, my friends, brings me to my last point.

The distinction between sex and rape is one of consent.  If you wish to engage in Helga's House of Pain in your basement full of consenting adults the only thing I can I say about it is that I think you're odd -- but you certainly have the right to either abuse yourself or ask others to abuse you.

On the other hand if you're hauled down there without your consent, tied up and assaulted, we call that rape because it is.

The only difference between the two sets of events is whether you consented or not.

So if you ask me to choose between candidates who each promise that they will financially rape me or allow others to do so under color of law or authority, arguing that I effectively should choose the person to assault me based on the size of the device they will use to inflict that pain or the number of times they will apply it to places I'd rather it not go if I go along with your scheme by consenting I have turned**into consensual sex!

I have only one response to that: No means no, and I am saying NO.

You're welcome to argue that I'll get assaulted anyway, and you are probably right.  But unlike you if I refuse to vote for one of these clowns and instead write in someone like "Beelzebub", demonstrating that I'm at the polls and am intentionally and conspicuously withholding my consent I am still a victim of rape.

You, on the other hand, knowingly and intentionally walked down the stairs into Helga's House of Pain and assumed the position of your own free will.

On Voting For The Lesser Of Evils



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[-] 1 points by yobstreet (-575) 10 years ago

Wow, who has time to read this crap?

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 10 years ago

What are your thoughts on minor party candidates being exluded from all TV appearances?

[-] 1 points by alterorabolish1 (569) 10 years ago

Excellent post!