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Forum Post: How to spot a mark primed for mind control

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 9, 2015, 11 p.m. EST by TonyWAWA (-20)
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Some people are easier to brainwash than others. There is an easy way to tell a gullible person: they have an upward-turned nose. If you look at them head-on you can see their nostrils. These people are far more likely to be brainwashed by the system, and far more likely to lose their minds when reprocessing the world once they begin to sense the reality of this social dynamic.

Examples: James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Dylann Roof, Vester Lee Flanagan, Robert Dear

The criminals on that list all seemed like good guys with serious mental issues. They were. They really were programmed. Deliberately. Intentionally. The schools, the media, the schoolyard bully, the mean girls, the nice girls, your mom, and the churches are all in on it. All of them.

The world is a big conspiracy. Long-nosed Jews, long-nosed Freemasons, and long-nosed Romans/Jesuits (read: Irish) are deliberately evil. They orchestrate a big lie to trick good, gullible people into believing "we are all in this together" and then use the good people's (whom they call "mindless golems") goodwill as an excuse to take advantage of them. They use the love of good men as a tool of enslavement.

That is the current world order. Aren't you ready for a new world order? One based on goodness and truth instead of evil and lies? It is within our grasp. First, you need to open your eyes. The rest will happen naturally.

Below is a great interview by Tyra Banks with a medical expert who specializes in face reading. She clearly states that those with upturned noses are worse with money than those with downturned noses.

This entire world is one big scam run by evil, long-nosed devils to gain an economic mating advantage. My old Jewish coworker David Weinberg (a director at Equity Commonwealth REIT) used to refer to it as "beating up the retards." Integration was a bad idea. America never should have let in the Jews or Irish.

It's time for a new world order.




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[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 2 years ago

expressions forms the face it expresses

is self determinate communication

a sideways glance transmits more clearly with a long nose

[-] 0 points by TonyWAWA (-20) 2 years ago



[-] -2 points by TonyWAWA (-20) 2 years ago

Comments are great.