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Forum Post: How to overthrow governments (with contemporary governance system) and uproot the capitalism?

Posted 3 years ago on July 7, 2014, 9:53 a.m. EST by Revolutionary (311)
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Of course thinking about it is most important and above all the belief that nothing is impossible is very important. We can have hundreds of ways to make it possible to uproot capitalism and to render governments obsolete.where most of the solutions will urge to render the money obsolete by making arrangements for free food and easy social interaction at least, at least up to the time the governments collapse.Now the question is how much time and (present type of) money it will require? Answer is simple that the money encashed by the group must do at least two things 1 sustain them and 2 propagate themselves for the movement to be of any use but otherwise as well good movements are never unbeneficial to the humanity.



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