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Forum Post: how to occupy your foreclosure?

Posted 9 years ago on Feb. 19, 2012, 11:11 a.m. EST by OCCUPYYOURFORECLOSUREdotCOM (2)
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well we all know of the difficulty to fight a foreclosure when there is a professional and trained representatives of bank against you on the other side.

what do i mean by OCCUPY YOUR FORECLOSURE - well i mean to speak to whom is in early/late stages of foreclosure and even whom may lost their homes. it is time to occupy your knowledge about foreclosure and your protection tools. many time i meet and hear about owners who are seeking help and do not know enough of what they need and that is encouraging me to write here today. in order to manage your foreclosure you need to first learn much more than what you know today, and yes - after doing that you will be able to beat your enemy - the bank. do not give up and seek for more knowledge about your options and tools. I can tell you that from what I see today there are so many owners that could have fought better and harder though they never knew that they do not know of their possibility to get so much more of their foreclosure outcome. actually, there is a plus in foreclosure today. owners owe hundreds of thousands more than the property value and they can get away from that debt + keep their home + lower their monthly obligation. after accomplishing all of that there is also a great feeling of relief and satisfaction. an owner do need to be aggressive and need the right tools and the right affordable help in order to maintain their fight back with the bank on a professional level, than an owner will get what they want, I mean, the banks are after all a big and fat corporation with a soft stomach and with a very sharp needle you could poke it really good. I will help any owner at any stage from every state of the union to fight back and fight hard since I love to do it. I find a lot of enjoyment in fighting the banks and making them miserable state, putting them in stress rather than the owner in foreclosure. you will be surprise of the possibilities. if anyone need help I will be happy to Bligh.

Eilon 310-929-5055



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