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Forum Post: How to lower tuition costs in one easy step

Posted 11 years ago on Dec. 3, 2011, 11:44 a.m. EST by theCheat (85)
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Take the crap out of the degree requirement. If you are going to school to be an accountant then what the hell do you need an anatomy class for? If you are going to be a computer scientist, what do you need a literature class for? Please, no platitudes about the need to be "well rounded" as that is just a crock. By doing this 1 thing you can get rid of bs like womens studies or any other degree that will only create debt for the student and revenue for the school with the end result of no career path.



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[-] 1 points by ProAntiState (43) 11 years ago

Peter Schiff on why government intervention causes high college tuition prices


Peter Schiff exposes college scam - Interviews Kelli Space (1 of 2)


Peter Schiff exposes college scam - Interviews Kelli Space (2 of 2)


[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 11 years ago

I agree with a lot of that. I think literature/writing classes are important though because to be successful in any career you should be able to write well. I went to school for 8 years for college and dental school but in most other countries, dentists only go to school for 6 years because they cup out all the crap.