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Forum Post: How to Improve the "State" of America

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 6, 2011, 10:41 a.m. EST by anonymous ()
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                        How to Improve the State of America
  1. We must first accept we are living in a Capitolocracy not a Democracy. This is a land where money has more votes-power than “One person one vote” as in a real democracy.

  2. Reconstruct term limits. Senators must have term limits….Five years per term three max. 15 year total. The president’s first term is 5 years, parliamentary rule apply as in the U.K. until the second presidential term of 5 years is up.

  3. The election process should be limited to 12 months for national seats incorporate acceptable financial spending limits on all political races.

  4. All taxes personal, industry, etc. should be paid locally to their respective county government, thus spreading the tax burden, yet retaining some local control.

  5. County commissioners one term for 4 years, this is not a lifetime career.

  6. Reduce the size of local governments and their feudal power base and all the duplication of resources this represents throughout the states.

  7. All states and the federal government must subscribe, by law, to “generally accepted accounting rules”

  8. Tort reform must be enacted.

  9. States tax their respective counties, for revenue.

  10. The Federal government taxes i.e. the IRS taxes only the states for their piece of the pie. By doing so we have a more just system of checks and balances with less concentration of power within the beltway. Lobbyist influence and the money grab associated with it will be greatly diluted and diminished.

  11. There should be created five regional councils, Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest. This is not to be another layer of government. Every one of these regions have their individual needs environmentally that can only be addressed with a total effort of all parties within their respective regions.

  12. Do not interfere with the internal affairs of sovereign nations. Deliberate with respectful diplomacy.

  13. FAIR TRADE, not free trade.

  14. Reduce our dependence of fossil fuels

  15. Create national identity and work permit cards similar to a U.S. passport.

  16. Better system for tracking US visa violators.

  17. America first policy for economic development

  18. First control the national debt, and then pay down all local, state, and federal debt with a cohesive comprehensive plan including sacrifice by all Americans on entitlement reform.

  19. Decriminalize marijuana

  20. Americans should rethink what is an acceptable standard of living. This I believe would be a good start, for all………

Sincerely, Concerned U.S. Citizen.



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[-] 1 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

"FAIR TRADE, not free trade" is the most important single item

[-] 0 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

Concerned Citizen: #20 seems to be a common sentiment around here. To that I say, no way! Why live in the past? How far back do you want to go? the stone age? middle ages? the industrial revolution? what do you consider "acceptable" reversion of lifestyle? There is no need for a reduced standard of living. We aren't going to run out of oil or natural gas in the foreseeable future, and the US is one of the cleanest energy producers on the planet.

I'm all for sustainability, but why do you think that means everyone should live like a dirty peasant from the Dark Ages? Is wood-burning more sustainable? more eco-friendly? Solar panels are a product of our current system, not an alternative to it. You can't have solar without advanced fabrication facilities. Wind power is worse for bird habitats than coal. What's your alternative to the current fossil-based system? Maybe mass (nonviolent?) genocide would solve the problem. If there are fewer people, then the high-tech lifestyle becomes more sustainable... worked pretty well for China wouldn't you say?

Would our lives truly be better if we all gave up modern medicine and modern technology? Do you want to pull the plug on air conditioners and food refrigeration? Would the streets be cleaner if we all rode horses instead of driving cars? (hint: look at New York City's mountains of horsey poo in the late 1800's)

No. I'll tell you what's not sustainable is your reversionist anti-technology philosophy. You have not thought it out fully, even as you use those same technologies to organize a "rebellion" against all the little things that make your life better.

If you truly believe in the things you ask for, then unplug your refrigerator and air conditioner in order to lower your carbon footprint. Then come back and tell the 99% how great it really is.

[-] 0 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

Hey, amazing the concern trolling.