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Forum Post: How to get free checking at Wells Fargo and use them for my bennefit.

Posted 10 years ago on April 30, 2012, 1:28 p.m. EST by EddieEBrown (1)
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My part in O.W.S. is I need my checking and savings accounts. So here is what I do to get free checking to pay my bills. I have direct deposit to my checking account and have a $25 transfer to my savings account to play the game of getting free checking.

I then withdraw all my cash from checking and savings leaving only enough in my checking account to pay my bills. It is very important to balance my checking account very well as to not bounce any checks and give the banks a reason to take any money in fees. The reason I take all the money out of my accounts is to not let the banks use my money for fractional reserve lending.. $1 of my money = $10 of fake money to lend out by banks at crazy interests rates. I wont say what i do with all my cash.. but lets just say hide it well. Secondly I switched my phone company to MetroPCS in Los Angeles.. it saves me @ $100 a month from t-mobile of sprint. The service is OK for unlimited calls and text, which is what I do. It also takes the money out of the big cell phone companies hands. Just a few tips in doing my part to kick the corporations in the butt.



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[-] 1 points by Gillian (1842) 10 years ago

That's what I do too but I use a small locally owned bank that provides free checking whether I have a savings acct. or not. Will WF continue to provide free checking to you if you don't maintain a min. balance? If so, I wonder how long they continue to do so?

[-] 1 points by EddieEBrown (1) 10 years ago

yes.. the game is you have to have two transactions happening each month..

  1. direct deposit
  2. $25 transfer from checking to savings.. then i take all money out of both each month.. they hate it. they are real nice to you when you go into the branch.. but when you take $2000 out in $100 bills.. they loose the smile. ;-)