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Forum Post: How to eliminate homelessness, foreclosures and solve the mortgage and housing mess.

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 4, 2012, 5:28 p.m. EST by eclectic (0)
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The Occupy Movement has (at least partially) turned to occupying vacant homes. Housing is a major problem, but this problem won't be solved by taking over one house at a time and fighting the police in the process. Even the president is proposing mostly irrelevant solutions, so at least the powers that be are aware that the problem is BIG.

I had been thinking about homelessness and the right to housing for a while and a few days ago everything came together and I wrote this article:


which is a pretty complete analysis of what needs to happen, as well as a road-map to make it happen. It is feasible, justifiable and much less expensive than the money wasted by the mortgage fraud and housing bubble.

These ideas need to spread. Pressure needs to be applied to make it happen. It would be great if the article reaches people that can make it happen.

The article is detailed and thus a little long, but it's been well thought out. I would be interested in feedback.

The Eclectic One



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[-] 1 points by freewriterguy (882) 6 years ago

another unfortunate truth is there is so much unoccupied land that rich land hogs are holding on to waiting for the price to go up when homeless or poor people could camp or build a home there. It sure as hell shouldnt be any of the governments damn business if a man wants to build a home on the earth, let alone charge him for a permit. My God who gave them that much authority I never voted on that nor a seat belt enforcement law. This is why we should abolish our government.