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Forum Post: How to Cut $760 Billion - Qopolis Solution

Posted 6 years ago on Dec. 25, 2012, 4:04 a.m. EST by Qopolis (0)
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armies and companies are not run by the people at the top. sergeants and corporals or clerks and secretaries run them. the fiscal cliff problem is about taxes and spending. it was created because a bipartisan committee of politicians were asked to find waste and make cuts in the federal budget, if not then doomsday clause is enacted. of course, since they have no clue where waste is or how to eliminate it, they did nothing and the clause was activated.

the qopolis solution is about letting the millions of government workers benefit from solving waste elimination in the federal budget. many cpa's and mba's that have reviewed the qopolis solution are amazed at how simple and obvious it is and 100% say it would work easily to cut over $700 billion from the budget. For more details go to http://www.qopolissolution.

here it is in a nutshell. the whistleblower program that is supposed to find and eliminate waste has done almost nothing because there is really no incentive to make sure you are never promoted again and kill your career. the bipartisan committee was doomed due to combative politics. what is needed is an incentive that drives almost every human, cash, but it must not cost the govt anything. here is how it would work.

===================================== if a clerk or secretary or mechanic or any federal govt employee found a way to eliminate waste that would save the govt $1 million or more, then they can take that idea to their boss and ask them to help write it up, then take that to the next level of management to help refine it for implementation, then take that to the next level up of management to help implement the program.

once the program has been implemented and a f t e r it has saved the government money, the government accounting office, verifies and quantifies the amount saved. once the amount is known, then a one time payment of 50% of the savings goes to the person who started the idea, 25 of the amount goes to the first level of management that helped write it up, 10% of the amount goes to the 2nd level of management that helped get it ready for implementation, 1% goes the management level that got it implemented.

this only happens once a f t e r the money has been saved already. that means the taxpayers save 14% in the first year of the program and pay out 86% of the savings. Every year after that, the taxpayers get 100% of the savings. simple enough.

recently, there was a lotto worth over $500 million dollars which had people and companies from around the world paying out money for the chance to become millionaires. if a company or person anywhere in the world could figure a program to save the govt. say, $2 billion, then they can come and partner with a low level govt employee and present their program. if they did save the govt, according to a g.a.o.. audit, $2 billion, then they and the govt employee they partnered with would be paid $1 billion one time a f t e r the savings were realized., the 1st level of management would be paid $500 million, the 2nd level manager would be paid $200 million and the 3rd management level would get $20 million.

With that much money paid out, literally billions of people and every company in the world would be trying their best to find ways to save the government money and eliminate waste. If one bipartisan committee is good, 7 billion heads (people) are much better.

assuming the $3.8 trillion budget has at least 20% waste, that is $760 billion which can be eliminated by the people who actually know wehere the waste is and how to get rid of it. once 86% of $760 billion is paid out, those new millionaires and billionaires are going to spend that money and thereby stimulate the economy with hundreds of billions of dollars almost equal to the tarp funds.

the qopolis solution is simple and easy to implement and does not cost the govt anything since payments are only made a f t e r the savings are realized and accounted for.

I just started a petition on the white house petitions site, we the people. http://wh.gov/Q5Rm I need 25,000 people to sign it before they will consider the petition.

I hope you will help get the qopolis solution to the fIscal cliff out to the world.



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[-] 1 points by ChemLady (576) 6 years ago

We know how to save money. Spend less then you take in. It isn't eliminating waste alone that will help. While it would be nice to save a few billion, but until we are willing to look at entitlements and military spending we're not going to get anywhere.