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Forum Post: How the bankers helped provoke Sgt. Bales to murder Afghanis.

Posted 6 years ago on April 17, 2012, 2:03 p.m. EST by WatTyler (263)
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Bankers prey upon military families and others with deceptive and “unconscionable” financial practices. Some victims ultimately lash out violently after their and their families’ lives have been destroyed. One such victim was Staff Sgt. Bales, alleged murderer of Afghan civilians.

So what happens? The victims get punished and the sociopathic predators are publicly praised and enriched. And the body count rises.




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[-] 0 points by SPAR23 (25) 6 years ago

Bales was just crazy, its not the banks fault. It is Obama who wants to cut benefts to troops.

[-] 1 points by WatTyler (263) 6 years ago

How is it not the bankers' fault that they foreclosed on Bales and threw his family out after selling him a crooked deal? Obama didn't do it! Please stop with Republican/Democrat horsefeathers! It has nothing to do with anything! It is obfuscation for the simple minded.