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Forum Post: How I feel about this world, and a vage proposition

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 25, 2011, 7:03 a.m. EST by soloenbarcelona (199) from Barcelona, CT
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First sought: There must be more things money just cant buy!

Here I just wanted to express my feelings and write down some idear around the days, the event "Occupy Wallstreet" was launched.

Im a young men living in Spain, consider myself lost but not stupid. The world is changing rapidly and I´m positive that within a notime, the world as we know it will have changed radicly.

Right now, as I write, the world is speaking of a possible second recession and I personaly have been in a constant recession (more mental then economical, but defenatly some of both) for several years. I am at home these days, and I´ve got time to share some idears and maybe help out in some way. I follow the movement of occupy wallstreet closely, and if some of my idears can help, I´ll be happy to participate with soughts and maybe more. I´m sure Bill Gates aswell!

I quickly right down how I see our world: Human kind has never been so prosper as now and we have the knowledge and resourses to change and make this a beautifull planet for all of the human kind and most likely the ones that will live here in the future. Our (Autorities) greed and need for power are likely to interfear in the pursuit of a better world and could easily destroy this planet in a few years. The problem lies in our system, a deformed, badly evolved sort of capitalism mainly. Our world seems to be controlled by money, individuals and groups mostly pursuing no higher purpouse then their growth% or happiness. (Basis off our economy, but badly interpreted because we didn´t expect democracy, we, would be so corrupt)

I believe our societies can continue evolving based on principles we now use to organise the world, but some sort of (r)evolution needs to take place so we don´t destroy everything we have.

The (r)evolution should lead to the following:

  • Public free clean energy for everyone. (of course a minimun, more for the rich)
  • Public free healthcare. (Again a minimum for everyone and more for the rich, or richer societies)
  • Shelter and food for everyone. (I dont think everyone needs a villa, but at least a bed, food and warmth)

  • Education would be nice, but might be highly overrated (this was my sought before thinking, Ive changed my mind already)

To accomplish this, we have to reset some values, deprivatise some sectors and tackle todays (some ilusionairy) problems that we call debt, religion, coruption, unemployement, abuse of power .....

Maybe with some good thinking we can find a good solution for the rich today, otherwise we might have to talk about eliminating debts, capital people believe they have and I´m sure I personaly can come up with a semi decent solution in a no-time if the world as a whole doesn´t. But it doesn´t work like that, you keep up the movement! (I think we could have a look at the principals all religions have in commun and use them. Many centuries off wishdom to organise our world. I never looked into them, but know they exist)

My idears are not elaborated, nor new, but I believe that now is the time human kind should act and find a solution to:

  • Climate change

  • Dimensions of the gabs between the rich and the poor

  • The mental illness we call financial crisis (it just doesn´t make sense in our world and has to be reorganised) One should always be allowed to work for the social cause, and if this means 99% has to fight against 1%, so let them come. I´m almost sure that when goals and organisation is clear, this 1% will be the first ones to agree.

  • Poverty and healthcare (Maybe we really need to control birth in some way, but otherwise their are enough resources for everyone. Maybe Bill Gates has some good idears or can put together a plan or group)

Now if we (the people of planet earth) would focus on solving these problems, I thinks we don´t have time for wars and vengance for at least a decade. This means the end of capitalism in a few sectors of our society, but it could unite the world and make it a betterplace, for everyone.

I believe in a peacefull revolution, but I don´t mind if it is financed with capitalism and I don´t mind having less then others.

Keep up the hard work Occupy Wallstreet, I am positive your movement will be remembered one day even if no mass media wants to report it today.

Last sought: I believe the world shouldn´t worry about unemployment. One of the mayor problems we have is just that we believe that this is important. I think everybody should feel like working and it is healthy and it could be good for society, but if we continue with capitalism, maybe the less people employed, the better. (or a other idear I read here is a workweek of 4 days, way more holidays or earlier pension) I believe there are laws that obly companies to make bad quality products, so the production keeps steady. Insane and bad for mother nature and a more then a century ongoing CRIME.




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