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Forum Post: How do make Home Simpson understand ??

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 23, 2011, 5:59 p.m. EST by henoktg (66)
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...We think we can discern the power elite’s pattern now. They did indeed intend for the economic chaos afflicting the world; how could they not since they set it in motion via the central banks they control? Not only have they inflicted the ruinous boom-bust cycle via central banking, they have now capitalized on it via demonstrations and riots in Europe and the formation of a global protest movement.

The riots are great political theatre, but in our view they are not serious, or not yet. Most of those involved are perfectly sincere – and agonized – over what is taking place, but at the top, history is being manipulated and plans are being set in motion.

It is too pat, too perfect. The mainstream media – an entirely controlled apparatus in our view – is bringing us all the sound and fury of these civil conflicts from the riots in Europe to the demands of Occupy Wall Street in America to the soundbites of the Modern Technological Messiah, Julian Assange, on the steps of St. Paul’s in Britain. TV, news, even the Internet is ablaze with modern, scripted chaos.

There are wars in the Middle East and Africa, a growing (controlled) global protest, the world’s remaining pillar of economic stability – China – teeters perilously over a pit of stagflation and recession. There is talk of revolution … and guillotines. Russia Today, seemingly part of the Hegelian Dialectic after all, brings us rioting in full color over the Internet. All that is left now is to increase the agony while gradually introducing the final structures of globalism as the antidote.

There is no doubt the pain is real; yet it seems to us that the Anglosphere power elite behind this mischief for at least a century and perhaps 300 years or more may be rushing things. There is also no doubt in our view that the truth-telling of the Internet when combined with the raw rage that people are feeling – and the Greeks are giving voice to – are a danger to elite plans.



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