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Forum Post: How do I spend responsibly?

Posted 11 years ago on Nov. 1, 2011, 6:30 p.m. EST by micsaint (6)
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Not sure if this is on topic. I believe that "they" have all the money because we give it to them. I was looking through this forum/site for information on responsible consumer spending. Can anybody recommend some websites?



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[-] 2 points by ModestCapitalist (2342) 11 years ago

Damn right. Some of it they took without our permission but much of it, we gave like a bunch of consumer junkie credit card morons.

We need to change our spending habits. Support small business more and big business less. Buy locally. Especially if you live in one of the poorer states. Don't tolerate any doctor who charges $125 for 5 minutes of attention. Don't see the major blockbusters. See the less popular movies with lesser known actors instead. Don't buy new DVDs. Wait a year and buy them used at the local resale shop. Don't pay for any Internet downloads. The profit margins are obscene. Try to buy your gas at privately owned stations. Not corporate (the privately owned stations are usually not quite as pretty. Look for scuffing on the counter and floors).

In general, support the little guy more and the big guy less.

[-] 1 points by micsaint (6) 11 years ago

Has anyone check out this app: http://www.goodguide.com/

It looks like all fruits and vegetables get a 10, but instant mashed potatoes get a 2. Why would all fruits and vegetables get a 10? When I go to Publix I buy the organic fruits and vegetables but is there anybody that rates fruits and vegetables? There's got to be! Someone let me know.

[-] 1 points by henoktg (66) 11 years ago

Whatever you spend doesn't matter? Don't you get it the banks control the purchasing power of the dollar in your pocket by a system called inflation targeting. END THE FED and abolish doubt money.

[-] 1 points by micsaint (6) 11 years ago

Then this site listing it as the 7th best company: http://www.betterworldshopper.org/topten.html

Gets confusing

[-] 1 points by micsaint (6) 11 years ago

I looked up Tom's on this site: http://www.greenamerica.org/programs/responsibleshopper/company.cfm?id=205

Does anyone know anything about this site?

[-] 1 points by blocade (81) 11 years ago

just eat and look after your health...

[-] 1 points by micsaint (6) 11 years ago

I've been going through that sustainability website. A lot of good information. Thanks.

I also found this website that rates gas companies: http://www.betterworldhandbook.com/gasoline.html

The book looks good on the top level as well, with a lot of free information posted on the web.

I like the idea of shopping at the Mom and Pop shops as well but fell like I need to know more information on the products they sell. My little family owned pharmacy across the street sell Dr. Bronner soap. Which I know is good from watch this documentary: http://magicsoapbox.com/doc/

But I also by Tom's toothpaste which I think is good from reading the box.

[-] 1 points by annonasandra (48) 11 years ago

Quit spending. Period.

Instead, start a new economy. One that is inclusive.

[-] 1 points by genanmer (822) 11 years ago

Research Sustainability

This is just one example


Unfortunately, the entire debt-based economic system is unsustainable. So big changes will inevitably occur in the near future.

[-] 1 points by ModestCapitalist (2342) 11 years ago

The rich and famous do not want to be seen as 'pigs' or go down in history as 'villains'. They want to be seen as 'heros' and go down in history as 'humanitarians'. The market for their product has become global. The fan base has become global. Therefore, the 'humanitarian' effort and 'good will' PR machine has gone global.  These 'humanitarian' efforts and 'good deeds' are not chosen to address the greatest need or injustice. They are chosen almost exclusively to appeal to the largest demographic for their respective commercial products. The largest fan base.  Efficiency or effect is of little or no concern. Its all about PR, marketing, image, and fame.

This is why the rich and famous have all taken up 'philanthropy' or 'good will' around the world. This is why so many have 'schools' or 'foundations' in their name. This is why so many play golf or appear on a TV game show for 'charity'. This is why so many sign motorcycles, other merchandise, or auction off their own 'personal effects' for 'charity'. This is why so many have TV shows with a 'charitable' gimmick. This is why so many arrange photo ops with wounded veterans, firefighters, or sick children. This is why so many have adopted children from around the world (Which they always pay others to care for full time. The hired professionals are sworn by legal contract to confidentiality. Not allowed to discuss or appear in public with the children they care for. Those 'photo' and 'interview' opportunities are reserved exclusively for the rich and famous 'adoptive' parents.). This is why every 'humanitarian' effort and 'good deed' is plastered all over the media worldwide. Its not about 'humanity' or 'good will'. Its all about marketing, image, fame, and PROFIT. This is why we are so often reminded of their respective 'good deeds' or 'humanitarian' efforts shortly before or after the release of their latest commercial product. 

Charitywatch.org and Charitynavigator.org are both non-profit charity watchdogs. Of all the well rated charities (about 1500) only three are closely affiliated with celebrities. Michael J Fox (not the primary donor), Tiger Woods (not the primary donor), and Bill Clinton (not the primary donor). That's three well rated celebrity foundations out of 1500. In general, celebrity foundations run like crap because they blow half the money on private jet rides, five star accommodations, and PR crews.

The fans have been terribly misled. For example:

Virtually every penny 'donated' by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to date has come from repeated sales of baby photos. With each sale, the baby money goes to the 'Jolie-Pitt' foundation. A foundation which has never done anything but shelter funds. The 'donation' is immediately publicized worldwide.     

When Jolie or Pitt have a new movie to promote, a portion is then donated from their own 'foundation' to a legitimate charity. This leaves their ignorant fans under the impression that 'another' donation has been made. When in fact, its the same baby money being transferred again and again. Another portion is blown on private jet rides, super-exclusive accommodations, photo ops, and PR crap. This saves Jolie and Pitt millions in travel/stay expenses and their respective studios tens of millions in advertising. It's all very calculated. 

Of course, Jolie and Pitt could simply endorse any of the 1500 most efficient and effective charities. Of course, the baby money would go much further and do far more good if it were donated to such charities to begin with. 

But that would be too boring. 

The 'Make it Right' Foundation took in over $12,000,000 the first year alone. Tens of millions overall. Brad Pitt has never been the primary donor, planner, or designer. He is a figurehead and salesman with a position on the board of advisors. Nothing more. Still, he has been showered with glorious praise by fellow celebrities and media outlets around the world. Again, the fans have been terribly misled. 

In order to move into a 'green' home, the innocent victims of Katrina are required to provide a property deed, meet a number of financial requirements, and pay an average of $150,000 UP FRONT. The difference is offered in cheap loans or on occasion (according to the website) forgiven. To date, only a few dozen former home owners have qualified. 

The 'Make it Right' foundation was never intended to help the lower income residents of New Orleans reclaim anything lost in Katrina. In fact, 'Make it Right' is part of a calculated effort to rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward without them. Part of a calculated effort to raise property values in the area by displacing the poor. They are by design, excluded. Unable to qualify.   Of course, Brad Pitt could have simply endorsed 'Habitat For Humanity'. A well known, proven, and efficient home building operation. Of course, the tens of millions in funding would have gone MUCH further.

But that would be too boring.   Big name celebrities have no desire to make the world a better place. 

Their primary goal is to appear as if they do.

It's a sham. Good will has become big business.

[-] 1 points by ModestCapitalist (2342) 11 years ago

And in the name of all that is logical, don't fall for anymore of their fake humanitarian CRAP.