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Forum Post: How can socialists and capitalists agree on the 99% Conglomerate?

Posted 5 years ago on July 13, 2013, 4:31 a.m. EST by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB
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Here are some good points. I could go on and on.


  • Corporations generally think very short-term. They will see the Conglomerate as a competitive and efficiency advantage.

  • Culture will tell them that it's their corporate social responsibility to be a member and follow the guidelines of the current state of Responsible Capitalism. This is because consumers will understand what it does for society and the local economy, and will learn to easily boycott business refusing to join.

  • No loss of expected earnings, will occur for Subsidiaries. Actually, the sooner you become a Subsidiary, the better for the bottom line.

  • No increase in expenses will occur for Subsidiaries. Actually the opposite is true, even more so as we move through the phases. Many services corporations use, like accounting, legal, benefits, retirement savings plans, insurance, even worker placement for those who want it is going to be managed by a single entity called Essential Services, which is completely worker owned/directed.


  • They can understand that politics cannot help induce positive systemic change. Know your enemy.

  • The strategy will be known that if you have no other effective, non-violent, "legal" way to fight, you have to use the same system they use. You have to become a master of capitalism to control and end it. We have to use the power of the corporation against TPTB. Fire with fire.

  • The strategy is to become as politically influential as the elite capitalists, and then surpass any entity as the most powerful and influential entity ever. Rather than a few people pushing money through government, making the rules, it will be the Phase 3 Subsidiaries (democratic workers), plus all the Phase 2 Subsidiaries who drafted the Phase 3 Conglomerate Constitution.

  • Consumers will understand that by doing nothing out of the ordinary, they are supporting the shift from current capitalism, through Responsible Capitalism, to beyond capitalism.

  • Workers will know that it's better to work at democratic worker-owned enterprises.

  • Smaller employers and all employees these days care about their land and economy. They know that moving in this direction is necessary.

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