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Forum Post: House Vote On "NDAA2012" < waking NEO-CONS>

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 25, 2012, 2:41 p.m. EST by BannedForTruth (233) from Christiana, TN
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Sort: Vote / District / Representative / Name / Party

Aye: (D)95 (R)227 _ Nay: (D)90 (R)6 __ No vote: (D)7 (R)6

Aye AL-1 Bonner, Jo [R]

Aye AL-2 Roby, Martha [R]

Aye AL-3 Rogers, Michael [R]

Aye AL-4 Aderholt, Robert [R]

Aye AL-5 Brooks, Mo [R]

Aye AL-6 Bachus, Spencer [R]

Aye AL-7 Sewell, Terri [D]

Aye AK-0 Young, Donald [R]

Aye AZ-1 Gosar, Paul [R]

Aye AZ-2 Franks, Trent [R]

Aye AZ-3 Quayle, Ben [R]

No AZ-4 Pastor, Edward [D]

Aye AZ-5 Schweikert, David [R]

Not Voting AZ-6 Flake, Jeff [R]

No AZ-7 Grijalva, Raul [D]

Not Voting AZ-8 Giffords, Gabrielle [D]

Aye AR-1 Crawford, Rick [R]

Aye AR-2 Griffin, Tim [R]

Aye AR-3 Womack, Steve [R]

Aye AR-4 Ross, Mike [D]

No CA-1 Thompson, C. [D]

Aye CA-2 Herger, Walter [R]

Aye CA-3 Lungren, Daniel [R]

No CA-4 McClintock, Tom [R]

No CA-5 Matsui, Doris [D]

No CA-6 Woolsey, Lynn [D]

No CA-7 Miller, George [D]

Aye CA-8 Pelosi, Nancy [D]

No CA-9 Lee, Barbara [D]

Not Voting CA-10 Garamendi, John [D]

Aye CA-11 McNerney, Jerry [D]

No CA-12 Speier, Jackie [D]

No CA-13 Stark, Fortney [D]

No CA-14 Eshoo, Anna [D]

No CA-15 Honda, Michael [D]

No CA-16 Lofgren, Zoe [D]

No CA-17 Farr, Sam [D]

Aye CA-18 Cardoza, Dennis [D]

Aye CA-19 Denham, Jeff [R]

Aye CA-20 Costa, Jim [D]

Aye CA-21 Nunes, Devin [R]

Aye CA-22 McCarthy, Kevin [R]

No CA-23 Capps, Lois [D]

Aye CA-24 Gallegly, Elton [R]

Aye CA-25 McKeon, Howard [R]

Aye CA-26 Dreier, David [R]

No CA-27 Sherman, Brad [D]

No CA-28 Berman, Howard [D]

Aye CA-29 Schiff, Adam [D]

No CA-30 Waxman, Henry [D]

No CA-31 Becerra, Xavier [D]

No CA-32 Chu, Judy [D]

No CA-33 Bass, Karen [D]

No CA-34 Roybal-Allard, Lucille [D]

No CA-35 Waters, Maxine [D]

Aye CA-37 Richardson, Laura [D]

No CA-38 Napolitano, Grace [D]

Aye CA-39 Sanchez, Linda [D]

Aye CA-40 Royce, Edward [R]

Aye CA-41 Lewis, Jerry [R]

Aye CA-42 Miller, Gary [R]

Aye CA-43 Baca, Joe [D]

Aye CA-44 Calvert, Ken [R]

Aye CA-45 Bono Mack, Mary [R]

Aye CA-46 Rohrabacher, Dana [R]

Aye CA-47 Sanchez, Loretta [D]

No CA-48 Campbell, John [R]

Aye CA-49 Issa, Darrell [R]

Aye CA-50 Bilbray, Brian [R]

Not Voting CA-51 Filner, Bob [D]

Aye CA-52 Hunter, Duncan [R]

Aye CA-53 Davis, Susan [D]

No CO-1 DeGette, Diana [D]

No CO-2 Polis, Jared [D]

Aye CO-3 Tipton, Scott [R]

Aye CO-4 Gardner, Cory [R]

Aye CO-5 Lamborn, Doug [R]

Aye CO-6 Coffman, Mike [R]

Aye CO-7 Perlmutter, Ed [D]

No CT-1 Larson, John [D]

Aye CT-2 Courtney, Joe [D]

No CT-3 DeLauro, Rosa [D]

No CT-4 Himes, James [D]

No CT-5 Murphy, Christopher [D]

Aye DE-0 Carney, John [D]

Aye FL-1 Miller, Jeff [R]

Aye FL-2 Southerland, Steve [R]

Aye FL-3 Brown, Corrine [D]

Aye FL-4 Crenshaw, Ander [R]

Aye FL-5 Nugent, Richard [R]

Aye FL-6 Stearns, Clifford [R]

Aye FL-7 Mica, John [R]

Aye FL-8 Webster, Daniel [R]

Aye FL-9 Bilirakis, Gus [R]

Aye FL-10 Young, C. W. [R]

Aye FL-11 Castor, Kathy [D]

Aye FL-12 Ross, Dennis [R]

Aye FL-13 Buchanan, Vern [R]

Aye FL-14 Mack, Connie [R]

Aye FL-15 Posey, Bill [R]

Aye FL-16 Rooney, Thomas [R]

Aye FL-17 Wilson, Frederica [D]

Aye FL-18 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [R]

Aye FL-19 Deutch, Ted [D]

Aye FL-20 Wasserman Schultz, Debbie [D]

Aye FL-21 Diaz-Balart, Mario [R]

Aye FL-22 West, Allen [R]

Aye FL-23 Hastings, Alcee [D]

Aye FL-24 Adams, Sandy [R]

Aye FL-25 Rivera, David [R]

Aye GA-1 Kingston, Jack [R]

Aye GA-2 Bishop, Sanford [D]

Aye GA-3 Westmoreland, Lynn [R]

Aye GA-4 Johnson, Henry [D]

No GA-5 Lewis, John [D]

Aye GA-6 Price, Tom [R]

Aye GA-7 Woodall, Rob [R]

Aye GA-8 Scott, Austin [R]

Aye GA-9 Graves, Tom [R]

Aye GA-10 Broun, Paul [R]

Aye GA-11 Gingrey, John [R]

Aye GA-12 Barrow, John [D]

Aye GA-13 Scott, David [D]

Aye HI-1 Hanabusa, Colleen [D]

No HI-2 Hirono, Mazie [D]

Aye ID-1 Labrador, Raúl [R]

Aye ID-2 Simpson, Michael [R]

No IL-1 Rush, Bobby [D]

Not Voting IL-2 Jackson, Jesse [D]

Aye IL-3 Lipinski, Daniel [D]

No IL-4 Gutierrez, Luis [D]

No IL-5 Quigley, Mike [D]

Aye IL-6 Roskam, Peter [R]

No IL-7 Davis, Danny [D]

Aye IL-8 Walsh, Joe [R]

No IL-9 Schakowsky, Janice [D]

Aye IL-10 Dold, Bob [R]

Aye IL-11 Kinzinger, Adam [R]

Aye IL-12 Costello, Jerry [D]

Aye IL-13 Biggert, Judy [R]

Aye IL-14 Hultgren, Randy [R]

Aye IL-15 Johnson, Timothy [R]

Aye IL-16 Manzullo, Donald [R]

Aye IL-17 Schilling, Robert [R]

Aye IL-18 Schock, Aaron [R]

Not Voting IL-19 Shimkus, John [R]

Aye IN-1 Visclosky, Peter [D]

Aye IN-2 Donnelly, Joe [D]

Aye IN-3 Stutzman, Marlin [R]

Aye IN-4 Rokita, Todd [R]

Aye IN-5 Burton, Dan [R]

Aye IN-6 Pence, Mike [R]

Aye IN-7 Carson, André [D]

Aye IN-8 Bucshon, Larry [R]

Aye IN-9 Young, Todd [R]

No IA-1 Braley, Bruce [D]

Aye IA-2 Loebsack, David [D]

Aye IA-3 Boswell, Leonard [D]

Aye IA-4 Latham, Thomas [R]

Aye IA-5 King, Steve [R]

Aye KS-1 Huelskamp, Tim [R]

Aye KS-2 Jenkins, Lynn [R]

Aye KS-3 Yoder, Kevin [R]

Aye KS-4 Pompeo, Mike [R]

Aye KY-1 Whitfield, Edward [R]

Aye KY-2 Guthrie, Brett [R]

No KY-3 Yarmuth, John [D]

Aye KY-4 Davis, Geoff [R]

Aye KY-5 Rogers, Harold [R]

Aye KY-6 Chandler, Ben [D]

Aye LA-1 Scalise, Steve [R]

No LA-2 Richmond, Cedric [D]

Aye LA-3 Landry, Jeff [R]

Aye LA-4 Fleming, John [R]

Aye LA-5 Alexander, Rodney [R]

Aye LA-6 Cassidy, Bill [R]

Not Voting LA-7 Boustany, Charles [R]

No ME-1 Pingree, Chellie [D]

No ME-2 Michaud, Michael [D]

Aye MD-1 Harris, Andy [R]

Aye MD-2 Ruppersberger, C.A. [D]

No MD-3 Sarbanes, John [D]

No MD-4 Edwards, Donna [D]

Aye MD-5 Hoyer, Steny [D]

Aye MD-6 Bartlett, Roscoe [R]

Aye MD-7 Cummings, Elijah [D]

No MD-8 Van Hollen, Christopher [D]

Not Voting MA-1 Olver, John [D]

No MA-2 Neal, Richard [D]

No MA-3 McGovern, James [D]

No MA-4 Frank, Barney [D]

Aye MA-5 Tsongas, Niki [D]

No MA-6 Tierney, John [D]

No MA-7 Markey, Edward [D]

No MA-8 Capuano, Michael [D]

No MA-9 Lynch, Stephen [D]

No MA-10 Keating, William [D]

Aye MI-1 Benishek, Dan [R]

Aye MI-2 Huizenga, Bill [R]

No MI-3 Amash, Justin [R]

Aye MI-4 Camp, David [R]

Aye MI-5 Kildee, Dale [D]

Aye MI-6 Upton, Frederick [R]

Aye MI-7 Walberg, Timothy [R]

Aye MI-8 Rogers, Michael [R]

Aye MI-9 Peters, Gary [D]

Aye MI-10 Miller, Candice [R]

Aye MI-11 McCotter, Thaddeus [R]

Aye MI-12 Levin, Sander [D]

No MI-13 Clarke, Hansen [D]

No MI-14 Conyers, John [D]

Aye MI-15 Dingell, John [D]

Aye MN-1 Walz, Timothy [D]

Aye MN-2 Kline, John [R]

Aye MN-3 Paulsen, Erik [R]

No MN-4 McCollum, Betty [D]

No MN-5 Ellison, Keith [D]

Aye MN-6 Bachmann, Michele [R]

Aye MN-7 Peterson, Collin [D]

Aye MN-8 Cravaack, Chip [R]

Aye MS-1 Nunnelee, Alan [R]

No MS-2 Thompson, Bennie [D]

Aye MS-3 Harper, Gregg [R]

Aye MS-4 Palazzo, Steven [R]

No MO-1 Clay, William [D]

Aye MO-2 Akin, W. [R]

Aye MO-3 Carnahan, Russ [D]

Aye MO-4 Hartzler, Vicky [R]

No MO-5 Cleaver, Emanuel [D]

Aye MO-6 Graves, Samuel [R]

Not Voting MO-7 Long, Billy [R]

Aye MO-8 Emerson, Jo Ann [R]

Aye MO-9 Luetkemeyer, Blaine [R]

Aye MT-0 Rehberg, Dennis [R]

Aye NE-1 Fortenberry, Jeffrey [R]

Aye NE-2 Terry, Lee [R]

Aye NE-3 Smith, Adrian [R]

Aye NV-1 Berkley, Shelley [D]

Aye NV-3 Heck, Joe [R]

Aye NH-1 Guinta, Frank [R]

Aye NH-2 Bass, Charles [R]

Aye NJ-1 Andrews, Robert [D]

Aye NJ-2 LoBiondo, Frank [R]

Aye NJ-3 Runyan, Jon [R]

Aye NJ-4 Smith, Christopher [R]

Aye NJ-5 Garrett, Scott [R]

No NJ-6 Pallone, Frank [D]

Aye NJ-7 Lance, Leonard [R]

Aye NJ-8 Pascrell, William [D]

Aye NJ-9 Rothman, Steven [D]

Not Voting NJ-10 Payne, Donald [D]

Aye NJ-11 Frelinghuysen, Rodney [R]

No NJ-12 Holt, Rush [D]

Aye NJ-13 Sires, Albio [D]

Aye NM-1 Heinrich, Martin [D]

Aye NM-2 Pearce, Steven [R]

No NM-3 Lujan, Ben [D]

Aye NY-1 Bishop, Timothy [D]

Aye NY-2 Israel, Steve [D]

Aye NY-3 King, Peter [R]

Not Voting NY-4 McCarthy, Carolyn [D]

No NY-5 Ackerman, Gary [D]

Aye NY-6 Meeks, Gregory [D]

No NY-7 Crowley, Joseph [D]

No NY-8 Nadler, Jerrold [D]

No NY-9 Weiner, Anthony [D]

Aye NY-10 Towns, Edolphus [D]

Aye NY-11 Clarke, Yvette [D]

No NY-12 Velazquez, Nydia [D]

Aye NY-13 Grimm, Michael [R]

No NY-14 Maloney, Carolyn [D]

No NY-15 Rangel, Charles [D]

No NY-16 Serrano, José [D]

Aye NY-17 Engel, Eliot [D]

Aye NY-18 Lowey, Nita [D]

Aye NY-19 Hayworth, Nan [R]

Aye NY-20 Gibson, Chris [R]

No NY-21 Tonko, Paul [D]

No NY-22 Hinchey, Maurice [D]

Aye NY-23 Owens, William [D]

To long continued at: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/vote.xpd?vote=h2011-375



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[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33491) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 years ago

I guess that I would be more concerned with the Keystone voting. But that is just me.

[-] 1 points by BannedForTruth (233) from Christiana, TN 6 years ago

The pipeline right? Well this is a police state bill so to me this is more pressing.